Editorial Reviews. Review. `It was not only the ripping-yarn action of the stories and the Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Crafts, Hobbies & Home. This title is. The presence of a man-eating tiger in the Indian province of Naini Tal spread fear and panic throughout the impoverished rural community. This tigress had. Corbett’s description of his campaign against the man-eaters of the Kumaon Hills shows the qualities that a successful shikari needs, physical strength, infinite.

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Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett

In the case of human beings killed by carnivora, the doubt is often expressed’ as to whether the animal responsible for the kill is a tiger or leopard.

I do not claim this as being a correct tally, for the map was posted up by me for two years and during this period all kills were not reported to me; further, victims who were only mauled, and who died subsequently, have not been awarded kmuaon cross and a date.

When breath maan been regained, accusations were made against one and another of having been the first to run and cause the stampede. Corbett’s writing is as immediate and accessible today as it was when first published in Further there was no one I could ask for advice, for this was the first man-eater that had ever been known in Kumaon; and yet something would have to be done.

His books on the man-eating tigers he once tracked are not only established classics, but have by themselves created almost a separate literary genre. I had marked the exact position of the lantana bush, and now took Robin along a line that would pass a few yards on the lee side of it. Bears are very quarrelsome when feeding, and sleep was impossible until they had eaten their fill and moved on.

Arrived at the ravine in which the woman had been killed, the very important question of ‘ what next?

Running forward I very foolishly caught the bird by the neck and lifted it clear of the ground, whereon it promptly lashed out with both legs, and sent Robin heels-over-head. This tigress had already killed villagers by the time Jim Corbett was approached to track and despatch her in Going up the raters a short distance I sprinted down, took the pool in my stride, and got far enough up the other side to grasp a bush and pull myself on to the bank.

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I did not want a pup, and it was quite by accident that I happened to be with a friend when the litter of seven was decanted from a very filthy eook for her inspection. After the midday meal eatrs Headman asked me where I wanted to go, and how many men I wished to take with me. I cannot expect you who read this at your fireside to appreciate my feelings at the time. When a tiger becomes a man-eater it loses all fear of human beings and, as human beings move about more freely in the day than they do at night, it is able to secure its victims during daylight hours and there Lf Note xiii is no necessity for it to visit their habitations at night.


One man was vainly trying to quieten the babel.

In the present case I had the account of the eye-witnesses who were present when the woman was killed, but eye-witnesses are not always reliable, whereas jungle signs are a true record of all that has transpired. I was sitting on the south edge of a great amphitheatre of hills, without a habitation of any kind in sight.

At the junction was a small pool, and as I approached it I saw patches of blood on my side of the water. By evening I had reached the upper end of the valley, with- out having seen the tigers mn without having received any indication from bird or animal of their presence in the jungle. While I had been skinning the tigress the Kukaon and his staff, assisted by the Headmen and greybeards of the surround- ing villages and merchants of the Champawat bazaar, had been busy drawing up a programme for a great feast and dance for the morrow, at which I was to preside.

Under a nearby tree I found a diy spot to which the saturat- ing dew had not penetrated, and with Robin stretched out at my feet had finished my cigarette when a chital hind, and then a second and a third, started calling some sixty yards to our left front.

The people of our hills are Hindus and cremate their dead, and when one of their number has been carried off by a man- eater it is incumbent on the relatives to recover some portion of the body for cremation even if it be only a few splinters of bone. Jungle Tales – The author’s thrilling account of his adventures on the trail of legendary Jim Corbett and the man-eaters he shot.

The crack of the rifle, more than the wound, had the effect of deflecting the leopard suffi- ciently to make him pass my right shoulder without touching Robin 37 me, and before I could get in another shot, he disappeared into the bushes beyond.

Very slowly she turned, crossed the stream to her right, climbed over some fallen rocks, and found a 24 Man-eaters of Kumaon narrow ledge that went diagonally up and across the face of the precipitous hill to where there was a great flat projecting rock. I had spent many nights in the jungle looking for game, but this was the first time I had ever spent a night looking for a man-eater. She flinched at this second shot but continued, with her ears laid flat and bared teeth, to stand her ground, while I sat with rifle to shoulder trying to think what it would be best for me to do when she charged, for the rifle was empty and I had no more cartridges.

Pull it down and let us hack it to bits. A tiger’s function in the scheme of things is to help maintain the balance in nature and if, OJQ. I was still a hundred and fifty yards from the gorge, and that I did not break my neck a dozen times in covering this distance was due to my having been brought up on the hills, and being in consequence as sure-footed as a goat. He had travelled far along the road of experience since that day he had first heard the alarm-call of a langur, and he knew now as did every bird and animal within hearing that the chital were warning the jungle folk of the presence of a leopard.


The length of road immediately in front of me was brilliantly lit by the moon, but to right and left the over- hanging trees cast dark shadows, and when the night wind agi- tated the branches and the shadows moved, I saw a dozen tigers advancing on me, and bitterly regretted the impulse that had induced me to place myself at the man-eater’s mercy.

When it was considered that the ropes were long and strong enough to stand the strain, they attached themselves to the saplings, and with men on either side to hold the feet of the bearers and give them foothold, the procession moved up the hill, looking for all the world like an army of ants carrying a beetle up the face of a wall.

Thereafter the night was silent. Forethought, preparation, and persistence are indispensable to success. How to write a great review Do Say what you liked best and least Describe the author’s style Explain the rating you gave Don’t Use rude and profane language Include any personal information Mention spoilers or the book’s price Recap the plot.

The roads in this area were considered very unsafe, and men only moved from village to vil- lage or to the bazaars in large parties. Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett. That the man-eater was a tiger was an estab- lished fact, but it was not known whether the animal was young or old, a male or a female, and this information, which I believed would help me to get in touch with it, I could only ascertain by examining its pug marks.

I am most glad to commend them to all who enjoy a tale well told of action and adventure. Death in the Long Grass. Facing me was the hill that was being beaten, and the gorge that I hoped the tigress would make for was behind my left shoulder. We appreciate your feedback. Major Corbett’s company some part of such holidays as I have contrived to take during my time in India, I can with confidence write of him that no man with whom I have hunted in any continent better understands the signs of the jungle.

I will not make quotations from the book to prove this statement. No one understood the ways of the Indian jungle better than Corbett.