This chapter discusses terotechnology and maintenance in industry. Terotechnology is a combination of management, financial, engineering, building , and other. A short presentation on Tero-Technology and Tribology. Better maintenance and higher reliability of plant and equipment. Lower costs Tero technology and Tribology – Maintenance Management.

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Once a decision has been made to make an investment in some form of physical asset or project, then the application of terotechnology should assist in the object of getting the best value for money from that investment and thus justify it.

This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details, such as symbols and sizes, type or grade designations.

Both of these aspects need to be determined against a time scale. This latter may be determined by the perceived market for the product rather than the terorechnology life of the asset itself.

The solution to the problem therefore is to convince maintenacne objectors that the additional cost to an efficient organization will be minimal.

Full text of “IS Guide to Terotechnology, Part 1: Introduction to Terotechnology”

Senior management needs to be trained in the necessary corporate decision-making skills. This standard describes how the principles and use of terotechnology can assist the decision making processes, the benefits which can be obtained from its adoption and the overall resources required for efficient implementation. In order to deal with the problem these reasons should be 1 identified. IS Part 1: This standard sets out in detail all the activities that should be carried out to ensure that the organization, which uses terotechnology, could compete successfully and, at the same time, achieve consumer satisfaction.

This should lead, in turn, to a level of training sufficient to allow each participant to understand his own contribution and the contribution to be expected or required from all other members of the organization. The following are two examples which may help to illustrate this principle: Solutions to some of the other problems involving the implementation of terotechnology are dealt with in Section 3.


Save in exceptional circumstances, the range of skills and breadth of knowledge and experience necessary for its full implementation is unlikely to be acquired by any one individual. The normal techniques used for investment appraisal can be used, including statistical analysis and discounted cash flow techniques. It can be applied equally to products, as the product of one organization often becomes the asset of another. Jain P L Jain, It requires an understanding of management and accounting sciences and a general knowledge of engineering associated with the technological expertize appropriate to a particular industry.

Meaning of “terotechnology” in the English dictionary

For convenience, the benefits that can be derived from the use anv terotechnology are summarized in Annex A. However, many aspects of terotechnology are already being very successfully practiced by many organizations under different names.

It is not difficult for such data to be collected in a form which will also allow them to be used for terotechnology. There will still be a need for the individual specialized activities; all that will be changed will be the basis of the primary objectives of the individual departments.

The second part of this phase involves the identification and selection of a specific asset plant proposal.

TEROTECHNOLOGY – Definition and synonyms of terotechnology in the English dictionary

Further refinement should be made of estimates of resources needed for operation and maintenance during the asset life cycle particularly in the light of any variations within the scenario ranges agreed, from time to time, by senior management. Part I Introduction to terotechnology’.

The list given in 4. Terotechnology can be applied with advantage by organizations of any complexity or even individuals. These aspects are dealt with in some detail in Parts 2 and 3 of this standard. Meaning of “terotechnology” in the English dictionary. Top management will need to delegate specialist tasks and require constituent branches of the organization to present progress reports, financial information, etc, using the techniques in Part 3 of this standard, in such a form that corporate decisions can easily be made, justified and explained.


Every form of investment analysis is based on such assumptions. Monetary incentives for specialist skills may be appropriate and a sharing in the increased profitability or savings may managemen the best method of applying incentive for cooperative efforts. This latter could include both spares and specialist advisory services.

NOTE — Performance includes such things as: Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics.

It is essential that the organization gives full consideration to the acquisition and management of its own assets, using terotechnological principles. Having done so, it will be equally essential that the supplier markets his product with due emphasis on how the customer’s terotechnology needs have been considered and catered for.

Managfment is sometimes bought and modified by the customer who, perhaps because of fear of disclosing commercial secrets, does not inform the managementt, with the result that more plant of the same type will be designed and built with the same shortcomings. Some of the common problems are identified and some solutions to them suggested in The type of information required should be specified first, and then the methods of recording it.

These techniques and disciplines include the following: There are well-tried maintnance available for choosing the best assumptions.