Based on ancient Vedic Traditions and the principles of Natural Law, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda involves the building and restructuring of the entire world. The salient points of Sthapatya Veda architectural design, and how it has been applied at Maharishi Garden Village, Rendlesham, Suffolk. Architecture – Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Design. Subject Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Design Read more.

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About Vastu – Vastu-Maharishi Vastu architecture

Global Good News Service. The Maharishi said that “improperly oriented” building should be demolished, including the White House and the U. They are calculated based on the general proportions of the physiology of humans and the physiology of the Cosmic Universe.

Archived from the original on August 3, Also, the length, width and elevation of the building are calculated using the ancient Vedic mathematical formulas and requires a level of construction precision to one-eighth of an inch. It would be part of the home, apartment Maharishi Peace Colony.

You can apply these principles when building and as corrective measures for an inauspicious home design. Retrieved December 17, The fourth is “final stage of the expanded garden city, providing ideal living conditions, including a modern communication and transportation system”. MVA says that symmetry is orderly and helps to coordinate the various aspects of a structure, and that there sghapatya an ideal proportion for every room in a home or office.

Inthe Maharishi announced plans to build Peace Palaces in the 3, largest vrda around the world.

We see this in the structure of galaxies, solar systems, cells, and atoms. South China Morning Post. Winston – Salem Journal. Holy man veca Maastricht: Proper placement to align the activities in a home with the differing qualities of the sun The strongest influence of Natural Law on earth comes from the sun.


Principles of Maharishi Vastu Architecture Maharishi Vastu architecture ensures that a building or community will have only nourishing influences on its occupants. According to Abrahamson “The human brain reacts to space” and by using appropriate proportions a working space can be designed to enhance mahraishi.

Archived from the original on August 16, Retrieved August maharihsi, Then, every person’s life and intelligence is connected to Cosmic Life and Cosmic Intelligence. Sthapatya Veda is the only science that has the precise knowledge and time-tested formulas for site selection, proper orientation, positioning, and placement of rooms according to magarishi purpose. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Archived from the original on June 15, Maharishi Vastus also take into consideration other important influences, such as: Knight Ridder Tribune Business News.

Ideal India—Lighthouse of Peace on Earth page publication. When one faces east, the brain physiology functions differently than when one is facing north, south, or west.

Chicago Sun – Times. There are a few communities designed using the Maharishi Sthapataya Veda principles. The Spiritual Syhapatya in Nasuthe first MVA building in Japan, was designed like an ancient Japanese palace and is reported to be the country’s largest wooden structure. Buildings with eastern entrances particularly bring about the most auspicious effects.

Archived from the original on July 31, The second ceremony sthapatga the laying of the cornerstone and the third is moving-in. Every activity that takes place in your house must have an ideal place. The proportions of Nature are used in the design of ssthapatya home When a house is designed the dimensions of the building are calculated using the ancient mathematical formulas of Vastu Vidya of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture.


Eike Hartmann explains how Vastu principles allow humans to connect with the global magnetic and cosmic energies. There are eight possible compass directions, but only two of them, north and east, have an auspicious effect and influence.

Understanding Maharishi Sthapatya Veda

Because the individual life is cosmic, everything about individual life should be in full harmony with Cosmic Life. Stgapatya from the original on August 31, As it crosses the sky it generates differing qualities of energy. One of the main vrda of Vedic architecture and basic feng shui principles includes the positioning of the building structure to ensure it faces an auspicious direction.

Retrieved August 15, Nothing used in the structure should contain toxic ingredients. Sao Paulo tower in running for height crown”. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Maharishi Vastu architect Dr. Archived from the original on August 20, Archived from the original on September 15, One of the features stahpatya MVA design is the Brahmasthanwhose literal translation is “establish wholeness”.

It uses precise mathematical formulas, equations, and proportions to design homes and offices in perfect harmony with Natural Law. Since George Harrison’s death, the papers have been full of pictures of him with mayarishi Indian guru in the 60s.

The third is “starting to demolish congested areas in the city center, replacing them with beautiful gardens, parks and fountains”. Retrieved July 31,