LSMW offers different technique for migrating data: Direct input, BAPI, Idoc, Batch input recording. While BDC basically uses batch input sessions and CALL. “hi guyz, i’m new to this group. i have a problem in LSMW. i have worked with LSMW using the direct input and batch input session. i have no idea how to use. When to use LSMW, BDC, BAPI and there difference also Which one functional must know apart from LSMW? Kindly explain to me. Regards.

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MM17 cannot upload any data from Excel, you can only copy and paste from Excel into the data screen of MM See this slide for more: File bapk and partner number are free definable names, and in many companies set up by the Basis team.

You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Do you have any idea how baapi get a grip on this? October 3, at 4: Anyhow, you can have as many subprojects and objects per project as you want. Thank you for the guidance. January 23, at 1: But this is as well lsm with a screen shot in this blog.

You can download it as PDF document from my google drive: See this slide for more:.

Using BAPI Method in LSMW

June 9, at 8: December 3, at 7: Text needs to be maintained in German and English language, English text is identical to German text.

I tried to use the method here. The subproject is a lower part of your project. Lmw 23, at 3: May 17, at 6: Put the cursor onto the file folder on the left, then click the create icon.


Of course you dont have the project that I used not in your system, because it is a name that you give yourself. October 4, at 1: Thank you in advance, Laszlo.

If you have to work with a certain path, then this path will occupy a part of the conv file name.

You picture does not show, copy and paste of images does not work in SCN. BUS, Standard material Method: Rodrigo Marcos de Almeida.

Keep in mind that all mapping rules are shared among all subprojects and objects within a project. December 27, 7 minute read. Prepare your Field mapping and conversion rules After executing step 5 Field mapping and conversion rules you will see the mapping based on the SAP given settings. May 3, at 9: Mass creation scheduling agreement ME31L. I want to edit almost all materials in our material master.

Because of that, I recommend to make the names for project, subproject and object shorter than the maximum of 15 characters. At this moment SAP will show more steps than you finally have to go through.

LSMW Material master by BAPI method – Part 1 | SAP Blogs

This can make communication easier, but only if both are working with the same settings, because the numbers are not fix to the text next to it, they bappi just number to the positions in the overview. This has to be done in any system where you use this LSMW project.

January 3, at 1: So you would only need to enter those names and Activate IDoc Inbound processing.


I taught it would add more weightage in my profile or in my resume. What steps you have to perform depends on the import method you chose in step 1 Maintain object attributes. Open link in bapj new tab. After clicking Maintain ports you get the screen shown below. Jurgen, sorry, Kindly reply, do i create the legacy in quality or development and transport?

Enter a description, set the radio button for the IDOC record bai most probably the 4.

December 3, at 9: As an example I use a real business case: With initial fields fields that do not have a mapping And the same section without initial fields: This is a big advantage, however, if many persons work in the same LSMW project you can as well face some disadvantages. The project is usually self-explaining, it is the name of your project. I rarely saw that professionals can work with the presetting given by SAP. Put the cursor onto the file folder on the left, then click the create icon Enter a description, set the radio button for the IDOC record type most probably the 4.

LSMW Material master by BAPI method – Part 1

The object is the lowermost part where you actually define the migration for a certain business object or a part of it. It could be for example represent a module or sub-divide the project by responsibles. January baapi, at 8: I am just a beginner, please help me out with this.