Hot Racing Losi Mini LST aluminum rear knuckle MLT $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Revised one peace rear knuckle, just like the big brother LST 2. Hit the roads, terrain with the Losi Mini LST2 radio controlled truck. Boasted with Losi radio system along with Spektrum GHz DSM technology, you can run. 1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR LOSB Losi Electric Cars and Trucks Horizon Hobby.

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I would probably count on needing new ones. While the scaled down aspect of the larger LST will appeal to many, features such as oil-filled shocks, dual motors, twin steering servos, easily programmable ESC, and a modular radio system, will loso the envelope on what a mini truck can offer. This was adult owned. It serves as the power source for each motor, which gets the Mini-LST up and running in a hurry!

The Mini-LST2 features two powerful Frenzy motors, offering more torque and power than any other mini truck. I guess that was my fault. This makes for a very neat and clean installation. The gearing configuration that is used on the Mini-LST consists of a plastic spur gear placed in between a pair of pinion gears. Item number s in instruction manual: However, with the ability to use the Mini-T’s ball differential, and the optional sway bars, you should have no problems in eliminating the issue with a simple upgrade if you wish.

Since this differential isn’t capable of being tuned with differential oil, under mino conditions you may experience the differential unloading and sending too much power to the front of the truck.

The tires had good traction, but the lack of pavement lessened their site bite and minimized the fear of rolling over sideways to almost nil.

Losi Mini LST2 Monster RTR Radio Controlled Truck

So I packed it in and called it a day. Order two of these to complete on model. The rear suspension arms are positioned in the same direction as the front arms, and function just the same with the main difference being the springs that are used on the shocks. Four 4 aluminum Wheels with Steel finish brake disk. I have not had a chance to drive the Mini-LST outside yet as we are in April and with it comes rain, rain and lot’s of mud so as soon as the field dries up a little I will be able to report on the endurance of the batteries and the ability of the Mini-LST to handle the terrain.


We’ll discuss this in more detail later. You’ll easily see that the first time you power your truck and take off.

I started hitting the larger dirt ramps in the backyard, and the truck managed to get a little air off of it. Dual Deck Aluminum Motor: Nice little truck, when Lois got it, the shock was leaking but it was taken care of by Losi immediately.

Since the Mini-LST is electric, the big hole for a nitro motor’s head is gone, and has been replaced with a mockup of a toolbox.

Losi: 1/18 Mini-LST2 Monster Truck RTR: Losi (LOSB)

It takes a little time to get used to the difference, when compared to other radios I’ve experienced. The small switch allows you to easily shut the truck’s onboard electronics on or off with the body installed.

Even when I tried running over some of the rough dug up area, where the track was undergoing its renovations, the four wheels pulled the truck through some extremely tough terrain given the truck’s size. In fact, the only other issue I had while at the track was a ball cup for the steering linkage popping off of the stud it was on.

Soft inserts inside the tire support its shape, yet still allow the tire to flex very well to provide lots of traction. Trending Price New. The first of these items is to extend the receiver’s antenna. If Losi can roll all of this together for the price they have, other manufacturers will have to start following their lead, or find themselves left at the starting gate.


pst Had the weather been warmer, and the track drier, I may have had a different result. I had no issues and was able to leave them at the center position.

I tried hitting them at various angles seeking some good air, but never really found a lot. Landing from these increased heights also helped to showcase how well the oil-filled shocks handled their duties.

Unfortunately the mini LST2 just sucks. Up top, Losi made sure the servo wiring was neatly installed. The steering hub is home to a pair of 4x8x3mm bearings that support the 4mm axle stub. So I dug into my pit box and pulled out a spare I had.

1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR

However, the constant working motion of the suspension could still upset some trucks similar to the Mini-LST. You may also like. Metal Differential Gears In order to harness the intense power of the twin-motor drivetrain, Losi designed solid metal ring and pinion differential gears for each of the three differentials. The transmitter is shaped to fit well into your hand it look similar to the Xmods controller but it lack the folding option and it takes 8’AAA’ batteries versus a single 9V cell for the Xmod version.

An upper and lower arm can be used anywhere on the truck instead of needing specific individual parts for each corner of the truck. The resulting effect is a very neat looking chassis, as well as a battery that is secured and protected.

Two Phillips head button screws hold the plate in place, while four other screws hold the bumper assembly to the front of the truck. I’m sure there are several power-hungry future Mini-LST owners looking at dropping a brushless system into the truck.