Tough minded Jessica Trent’s sole intention is to free her nitwit brother from the destructive influence of Sebastian Ballister, the notorious Marquess of Diain. Lord of Scoundrels. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. An AAR Top Romance. review originally published on May 15, Lord of Scoundrels held the #1 spot . BOOK REVIEW: Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase Lord Dain can’t wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place—and in some.

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Dain and Jessica are instantly attracted to the other, though each seeks to hide their feelings. Strong, older, witty, and beautiful. An exquisite storyline with a hero with an heartbreaking poor self-image and sadly ruined childhood. He was horribly treated by others growing up because of his half-Italian heritage and his large nose and ungainly features. The heavens opened up then, loosing a torrent All in all, it wasn’t perfect, but it hit me so hard and left me emotionally drained The boy grows up learning to hide his feelings; given no inheritance by his father, Sebastian acquires clever ways to make his fortune and uses money to unscrupulously get his way.

Him burning the house down while his father, the one that miraculously wants to make him very happy after hating him for 8 years, smiles idly? She saw the beauty and strength of Dain right away. Sebastian, now the intelligent but immoral 3rd Marquess of Dain, meets his match in Miss Jessica Trent, who has arrived in the city to rescue her unintelligent, nearly penniless brother Bertie from Dain’s bad influence. Jessica’s grandmother, Genevieve, was a delightful secondary character who was full of wit and charm herself.


This book was very good.

Lord of Scoundrels — Loretta Chase

I could have stomached his gradual approval of the kid IF the kid became better. Beauty and the beast indeed!

His upbringing was tragic, what, with a distant and rut 4 STARS This book has been sitting on my trb shelf for a while now and I was only reminded of it by other GR friends reading it. For her, the trouble started when she learned to write in first grade. He drinks himself senseless and tends to gamble himself into quite a large amount of debt.

Lord of Scoundrels

It was all so unnatural I wanted to scream. He becomes a changed man, so to speak.

He is still a rascal at the end but he was redeemed. He offers to marry her instead.

I liked the strength of his character, however, and disagree with one reviewer who thought him to be self-pitying; his childhood was extremely difficult and I thought it very believable that as sscoundrels adult, his regular way to go about things in life is to shrug them off and laugh so that he is not hurt again.


He was looking down at the Bible. Being made to feel different and odd, being made to feel unworthy for his mixed heritage was daunting at best. At times I felt sooo sorry for Dain, who grew up unwanted and sconudrels, but other times I wanted to slap him upside the head and tell him to grow up already!

In a review by that publication, M. Take your penis out. View all 43 comments. I hated his brat. It so goes with the rest of this infernal book. This is probably my last read of Ah now the kid. Feb 09, Julianna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Dain cannot resist her, even knowing that she is much too good for him, and will change his life irrevocably. I think she could have conveyed his fragile emotional state without making him such a shit.

There’s a statement made by Jessica where lorx thinks or says she cannot resist him, and he is baffled that she would feel that way, used to being considered ugly as sin.