This week, we have been reading, analyzing, and discussing the script and movie Looper, written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot. This week: Looper. You may download the script — free and legal — here. Written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot summary: In Looper has certainly been a hot topic of conversation here at NFS, whether it’s writer/director Rian Johnson discussing how budget doesn’t.

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When your movie’s plot device gets destroyed like that, what you’re left with is a mess.

Joe goes for his gun. Who are you and what are you here for?

Read Rian Johnson’s Original Treatment For LOOPER |

He’s seen this whole exchange. Reply Share Share this answer: Joe staggers to his feet, shaky. The Kid instinctively turns towards the street. A young boy in a bright jacket runs out johnsoh front door and off down the street. Joe scrambles to a stop, lifts the heavy safe trap door and SLAMS it down – just as the Kid’s hand grasps the open edge. Several years older now, in his mid thirties.


So I cleaned you up and put a gun in your hand. Long red hair reminiscent of but NOT Suzie. Looks at the shape of the corpse’s face through the sack. In a flash of panic he parts the corn stalks, sees Sarah backing away from the barn.

He takes Suzie’s hand strokes it over his hair.

Read Rian Johnson’s Original Treatment For LOOPER

Cuts open the back of the body’s jacket, revealing FOUR bars of gold taped to the dead man’s back. On the outskirts of the city. But he doesn’t take his hand off it. Shadows loom across the yard. He takes in the farm.

Not only that, there’s no pictures of him. Big Craig pats them down, waves them in. And they had you, your arms pinned, this kid. tian

You gotta be careful, it’s easy to think you know someone once you been like this. Cuts through an alley. Takes it angrily, strides back to the truck. The Gat Man pulls his gun, raises it without ceremony.


Written in faded ink on the palm is a number we do not recognize: Kid Blue lies in the rain, hyperventilating.

Script Analysis: “Looper” — Part 1: Scene By Scene Breakdown

And something very different happens: Exhaling, Joe works quickly. The machine hums angrily.

Old Joe’s chest explodes. JOE You working a shift tonight? Rocking gently, fake smoking and drinking coffee.