In this evocative study of the fall of the Mughal Empire and the beginning of the Raj, award-winning historian William Dalrymple uses previously undiscovered. By: William Dalrymple Media of The Last Mughal This Mughal is Bahadur Shah Zafar II, one of the most tolerant and likeable of his remarkable dynasty who. Buy The Last Mughal: The Fall of Delhi, by William Dalrymple (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Jul 23, Sandhya rated it really liked it Recommends it for: There are no heroes in this story. Deprived dalrymppe real political power by the East India Company, Zafar nevertheless succeeded in creating a court of great brilliance, and presided over one of the great cultural renaissances of Indian history. It is probably the definitive account of of the war drawing on British, Indian and Pakistani records, some never translated before.

Every chapter of The Last Mughal has historical echoes that are still desperately relevant today. A fascinating read of the last Mughal, daldymple history surrounding his demise.

The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty: Delhi, 1857

Finally I found the conclusion a bit abrupt. The author describes how A magnificent work of Indian history! In this evocative study of the fall of the Mughal Empire and the beginning of the Raj, award-winning historian William Dalrymple uses previously undiscovered sources to investigate a pivotal moment in history. Please try again later. And this does not include the physical, cultural damage that they did to the city in robbing people like me of our architectural heritage.

If the uprising in Delhi started as a contest between British and a largely Hindu sepoy army drawn mainly from Awadh, it ended as a fight between mixed rebel force, at least half of which were civilian jihadis, taking on an army of British-paid SIkh and Muslim mercenaries from North west Frontier and Punjab” The lasting feeling one gets after being exhausted by the details of all the events, is that of profound sadness, as expressed by Zafar in his evocative poetry.

That’s the one that begins “I am well pleased: It also made me see the monuments li I was putting off reading this book for a long time because I thought it would be very hard and heavy and I am not a big fan of non-fiction as it is, but boy, was I super, super wrong!

He was a product of the composite syncretic culture of India and believed strongly in protecting the Hindus against extremist elements among the jihadis. In fact a rich culture and social fabric existed due to this pluralistic co-existence. To think that Chandni Chowk, my favorite spot in Delhi, was the place of su I’m giving this book four stars because although it’s very interesting material, I didn’t get “hooked” very easily and it took me longer to read than a book this size usually takes me.


What makes the reading a pleasure is the simple and sometime humorous tone Dalrymple has taken to desc. He told the court that sixty years earlier, the man’s forefathers would have been his slaves and that he had not forgotten his lineage. What makes the reading a pleasure is the simple and sometime humorous tone Dalrymple has taken to describe the events and the curiosity with which he himself wanted to look into the events.

William Darlymple has created a great narrative chronicling many important aspects of the rebellion that the other historians have missed before. The building is a giddy, pseudo-Mexican ranch house with white walls and a red tile roof.

Especially the final two chapters. What was never discussed was whether the Company was legally empowered to try Zafar at all.

The Revolt started in the company’s Bengal army sipahis, with the famous Mangal Pandey enacting the first bold act of defiance at Barrackpore. The unfortunate and most heartbreaking end of a great dynasty. S Naipaul, E M Forster so often do, it’s really fine by me.

The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple | : Books

One branch of the Muslim community breaks off to study the west and become more modern. To them it was vital that Zafar should be put down, precisely because, having a Hindu mother, he appealed to both sides of India’s own great religious division.

You could be an expert in your field, having worked your way through every bit of ponderous tome you could ever read, but when it comes to creating a story out of it, a clear thread that runs through every bit of knowledge that you have – and to be able to share it with a reader, who comes with a background of having been told fuck-all in his school’s history books – as if it had only happened yesterday, is no small feat.

His treason trial by the British was totally illegal because the East India company was at the the emperor’s behest and not the other way around. Zafar, already in his 80s, clearly had no real say in dxlrymple to support the sepoys against the Britishers or not. The bonhomie that existed between the Bitishers and Muslims in the city was starting to wane and Victoria’s men were under no obligation to please the Emperor any more.

Thanks for this review and this book is sitting on my TBR pile, should get to it soon Officers of the company, members of the British community in Delhi gleefully recorded how monument after monument was robber, looted or plainly pulled down to destroy what was once a beautiful city.

The histories of Islamic fundamentalism and European imperialism have very often been closely, and dangerously, intertwined. An important voice, which until now has been missing in the retelling of the “Sepoys Mutiny”. Alas, Britain is very much in the same Rogues Gallery. This epic story begins with the detailed reconstruction of Delhi as a cosmopolitan city that rivals Rome, Istanbu Few days ago I was wandering in a bookstore and was in a dilemma about what to buy.


After a bogus trial the British exiled Zafar to Rangoon with dalgymple family and on 7 November at 5’o muhhal in morning in the age of 87 years Laxt Abu Zafar Sirajuddin Muhammad Bahadur Shah Zafar ll passed away ending the Mughal dynasty of more than three xalrymple years.

That there’s a wealth of historical information to be derived out of this book is a given, but truly astonishing is also Dalrymple’s ability to weave in so many cobwebs of events and characters with such clarity. Mughwl had earlier insisted on retaining his doctor after the man had converted to Christianity, in spite of pressure from Muslim courtiers to sack him.

I’ll definitely read more by this author. All in all it was a fun to read, the narrative flows with ease, and this proved to be a very lively read. For one thing, the revolt was explicitly against alien authority, it occurred in most of North, Central and East India, and it was marked by the widespread participation of civilian participation and was accompanied by the sort of a marked the beginning of an armed revolution of the bloodiest and the greatest scale that we have ever known in India.

Zafar the ditherer

For he died five years after the mutiny, in faraway Burma, a frail year-old who was spoon-fed on broth by the handful of family and retainers he had been allowed to take with him into exile. Then, inZafar’s flourishing capital became the centre of an uprising that reduced his beloved Delhi to a battered, empty ruin.

The Britishers were fast spreading their tentacles and tightening their hold over the Mughals. Such beautiful idealism behind the rebellion and such violent grossness of the actual act. Write a customer review. There are flaws for sure, and in my humble capacity, I would duly point them out.

The reasons why men picked up arms could not possible have been more varied – a game of thrones for a throne that did not matter anymore, Jihad elsewhere against Christian Kafirs, and then the Sepoys – fighting as much against economic exploitation as much against religious persecution that Muslims too were fighting against.