Lectures on Calvinism [Abraham Kuyper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive. Lectures on Calvinism. Abraham Kuyper. PAPERBACK; Published: 10/4/ ISBN: Price: $ Pages. Trim Size, in inches: X . Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898

That this had to be so becomes evident at once to everyone who is able to appreciate the fact that no political scheme has ever become dominant which was not founded in a specific religious or lectufes conception.

He then goes on to discuss a Calvinistic history and perspective on religion, politics, science, art, and the future.

Kuyper was the Lectyres Minister of Netherlands and a reformed theologian. Both these theories are at heart identical, but for the sake of clearness they demand a separate treatment.

For just in proportion as it honored the authority of the magistrate, instituted by God, did it lift up that second sovereignty, which had been implanted by God in the calvinjsm spheres, in accordance with the ordinances of creation.

And so also finally it may be remarked calvinizm the social life of cities and villages forms a sphere of existence, which arises from the very necessities of life, and which therefore must be autonomous. For God created the nations.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

I really liked this book. De tweede lezing gaat over het calvinisme en de religie. I just searched him to look if he published any memoirs.? Man is created from man, and by virtue of his birth he is organically united with the whole race. Mar 04, BJ rated it really liked it.


Lectures on Calvinism

Open Preview See a Problem? Nor can a group of men, by contract, from their own right, compel you to obey a fellow-man. In the social sphere, by personal superiority.

For instance, Kuyper points out that everyone, whether religious or not, relies upon faith, including scientists in their engagement with research and experiments. And in this struggle Calvinism was the first to take its stand. The Law here has to indicate the rights of each, and the rights of the citizens over their own kjyper must remain the invincible bulwark against the abuse of power on the part of the government.

But in whatever form this mystical being of the State revealed itself, the idea remained supreme: Calvinjsm among men originates directly from creation is possessed of all the data for its development, in human nature as such.

It is a complete system that gives order and structure to the world calvinlsm on the Bible and its teaching.

Above all, the book is ruined by uncritical cheerleading for Calvinism — it is the answer to all the world’s problems, and all its own historical shortcomings are excused by special pleading and blame-shifting: My only criticism is that he does not separate the Biblical Calvinistic worldview from that of Rome.

Warfield to Princeton in to participate in the Stone Lectures. So I didn’t like it. May 29, Laurent Dv rated it really liked it Shelves: That which, under the shadows of the Old Testament dispensation, furnished prophetical and visible instruction, kuuyper that the types were fulfilled, had become to Calvin, a detriment to the glory of Christ, and lowered the heavenly nature of the Church.

Nov 03, Jacob Aitken rated it liked it Shelves: Had sin not intervened, no doubt this would actually have been so. The lower a people stands in the scale of development, calvinusm less difference of opinion is revealed.


The Stone Lectures on Calvinism

And only narrow mindedness can feel itself offended by the rage of despair wherewith Rome in the 16th century fought for the maintenance. De vierde lezing ging over kuyepr calvinisme en de wetenschap.

It may rest with the. When John is describing the Saviour, he first tells us that Christ is the eternal Word by whom all things are made, and who is the life of men. Not as an appendix to the Church, nor as its pupil. After all Christians are to be under Jesus and the word of God not Calvinists under Calvin and his writings.

In it, Kuyper argued for the only real foundation for good and true art and that foundation is Christ’s sovereignty in all of life. His lecture on politics is particularly helpful as he develops his notion of “sphere sovereignty,” the idea that the state is sovereign over its affairs and should not encroach upon the affairs of the religious sphere or the social sphere.

He founded the Anti-Revolutionary Party and was prime minister of the Netherlands between and Daarvoor is het calvinisme voor Kuyper de beste basis voor een goed functionerende samenleving en een de voornaamste religieuze motor voor een beschaving.

Some excellent points, but overall it grieved me. New York,I, Next of course it was necessary also to renew the tangible sacrifice on earth, and this at last brought the church to inveut the unbloody offering of the Mass.

Het boek begint met een biografische schets van Kuyper, geschreven door George Harinck.