ODO YAKUZA TOKYO – second edition author: Anton Kusters reproduction of 92 images of the YAKUZA project; 14 reproductions of. Odo Yakuza Tokyo has 8 ratings and 1 review. Kevin said: This photography book disappointed, probably because I had set high expectations. Anton Kusters. Odo Yakuza Tokyo. Below is an excerpt of my conversation with Anton Kusters, talking about the birth of his first book. We are.

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A documentary is in the works? Peapod marked it as to-read Sep 30, Brian Frank June 21, yakzua 9: I really should learn Photoshop — at least a little!

I love it and i want more! Members of the Odo family pose in the streets of Kabukicho, the red light district in tokto heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. I did not watch your essay. Yes, we Geminis are definitely overrated…but there sure are a lot of us here on Burn!!! So, I have physically removed myself and am just working on the backlog of scans and digital files and printing out work prints for editing and sequencing while researching the whole bookmaking process kustets studying photography books.

Pingback on Oct 30th, at Carlo June 18, at 5: Thomas Bregulla June 17, at 6: Yes… I depend on everyone here getting the news on my book out there as much as possible….


Frostfrog June 17, at 3: BOB, you should have it this week, or latest beginning kusterd week… they have all been sent out on monday, so it should be coming close to you as we speak… can you feel it already?

Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters – ShockBlast

Has this already be explored and discussed and I missed it? This book is physically exquisite but more importantly, it is a testament to our common humanity whatever our choices or ways of being in the world. Vissaria Skoulida June 18, at 1: To see beauty and take pleasure in primitive simplicity. Pingback on Sep 2nd, at 1: Now tell me a little bit about how the subject of your book.

So worth the wait…. Trust me, this is just the start of where this work will take you… hugs Patricia. Pingback on Jun 19th, at 4: Carlo July 21, at I find his book making to be as important as the subject matter he has covered — taking on further colour for us readers to appreciate and experience.

Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters

Pingback on Jun 22nd, at 9: Photoshop is the final step, if for print. Family bosses practising baseball on the beach — June 28, at Not the Yakuza… Geez!


Glad you like it amigo… cheers, a. Anton, You should get in touch with someone at the Australian photo collective,Oculi. Does it even matter?

Anton Kusters Odo Yakuza Tokyo Print Photography Book 1st Edition Japan 161/500

Now that the print version is gone, any thoughts on making a digital version? A finished project at least book wise that must yakuzw such a great sensation.

I do not want to be a judge in my photography. Suzuki describes two aspects that when found together come to represent the essence of this aesthetic. Further, Anton has even given us glimpses to the before-the-fact creative process in his feeble!

Anton Kusters Odo Yakuza Tokyo Print Photography Book 1st Edition Japan / | eBay

That extraordinary photograph of the cigarette burning…whose cigarette? It is the absence or disregard of form or ttokyo that sparks a sense of pleasure, that hints at antiquity. Powerful piece of work.