Undoubtedly the most important wargames book ever published, the von Reisswitz Kriegsspiel rules are unique in that they are rules written by a Prussian . Overly technical rules. The original Kriegsspiel rules for combat are a great piece of history that document real world experience of combat in. Tschischwitz’s version of kriegsspiel was very much like To show these wider deployments, the rules represent.

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If the cast die came up with a White rather than Red or Blue face, it was rolled again the White faces were included to match the possible results to the calculated odds. In Modern kriegspiel by Bruce Trone inafter each move the player calls seven squares, which must be opened by umpire. These maps may have not been available to Reiswitz Sr.

As each player cannot see his opponent’s pieces, the game is sometimes referred to as blind chess. In addition to field exercises, in which full scale rehearsals of maneuvers were conducted, simulations, or games, allowed commanders to manipulate models without the costs involved in deploying actual troops and other resources. Like anyone who set up Avalon Hill’s The Longest Day on a pool table in their parent’s basement, the Kaiser travelled to Moscow in October to take part in an improvised game with the Grand Duke in which terrain was sketched out in chalk on card tables butted together – perhaps the first geomorphic mapboards in wargaming history.

For instance, the game assumes that infantry can march paces per minute on favorable ground, thus in one turn an infantry block can be moved paces across the battlefield 1. Troops and maps have been prepared to the scale 1: Thus began what is known in the miniatures hobby as the Second Age. The number above each circle shows the points lost by each infantry half-battalion or by each of two platoons of skirmishers engaged.

One edge was marked for heavy artillery and the other side for light artillery including the 7 lb howitzer battery.


I bought a copy from Too Fat Lardies? A numeric value of the number of men in the unit. He saw a map like the ones the army used in its operations partially covered in markers that used the same symbols and markings that the army used to ruled units on its maps.

Note that there are headquarters units displayed. Furthermore, the gaming sessions did not always produce realistic outcomes.

Kriegspiel (chess)

Defensive positions with slope of riles or 20 degrees in front of them. He provided mainly a juvenile rule set for physical combat involving spring loaded miniature cannon, but also an appendix that captures the spirit of the earlier Prussian Kriegsspiel. In the British Army, for example, regular infantry travel at paces to the minute. Each lead block represents some kind of troop formation, such as an infantry battalion or a cavalry squadron.

The word kriegsspiel literally kiegsspiel “wargame” in German, but in the context of the English language it refers specifically to the wargames developed by the Prussian army in the 19th century and any foreign wargame patterned after them. The left hand column indicates which Kriegsspiel die is reproduced along that row. The earliest wargames were invented in the German states around the turn of the 19th century.

Steven Hammond joined Matt Severns’s group. Nineteenth Century Military War Games: There were no exchange pieces for cavalry squadrons men. The apparatus that Reiswitz made for kriegssspiel king was too expensive for mass-production.

Umpireless Kriegsspiel

I see this effect a lot in computer games too. The following unit types will be available in General Staff:. Wells also produced wargaming rules based on miniaturesfirst in Floor Games in rulee later Little Wars in As noted above, smaller exchange pieces were also used to reflect casualties suffered by units during play:.

Player interaction is much better. Few modern wargames recognized this some notable exceptions such as the redo of the Sniper!

This eventually became translated by the British as an “umpire”. He might also roughly calculate the current strength of his own visible units. It is almost like the computer gets to play the game and I just sit and watch. Good list of Kriegsspiel materials to include rules, scenarios, and maps.


The game has to be fun and fast moving. For this reason, it is necessary to have a third person or computer act as a referee, with full information about the progress of kriehsspiel game. Troops for each side, colored red and blue to distinguish the two sides.

Otherwise the rules are as in ruls kriegspiel.

Only rulex umpire knows the position of the game. Each team is given command of an army, which is represented on the map using little painted blocks. Yes, I know, there are dozens — rulse not hundreds — of really good computer wargames out there; but none of them appealed to me at the moment. The royal family was delighted by Reiswitz’s game, and frequently played it.

While most of what you’ll see deals with 19th century style applications, there’s no reason one couldn’t do this for 20th an 21st century battles and campaigns! We are told that he was the kind of person who, without being presumptuous, maintained rulez air of self-confidence to those above him as well as to those below. Once one or more of the units come into combat with units of the opposing force, the Umpire was required to return to playing a single turn at a time.

Kriegsspiel Resources – ConsimWorld

Reisswitz noted in his introduction to Kriegsspiel how widely results on the drill or practice field could vary from those on the battlefield. The basic artillery piece in Kriegsspiel represented a half-battery of four guns with a maximum range of 1, to 2, paces.

The map, made to a scale of 1: Extra players were found, and the game was oriegsspiel once a week. Playing Pieces The playing pieces provided for each player were identified by the same symbols used by the Prussian Army to indicate their location on a military map.

They were impressed and officially endorsed his game as a training tool for the officer corps.