Koza Nostra. likes · 3 talking about this. Koza Nostra je je rezultat moje zelje, da bogatstvo iz prirode bude dostupno svakome. Liofilizovana. “Our Thing” or “This Thing Of Ours”. The real name for the Mafia. Cosa Nostra is a crime sydicate that began in Sicily in the mid nineteenth century. A “Made. English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Italian: Cosa Nostra (feminine noun phrase, literally “Our Thing”). Pronunciation[edit]. (Italian) IPA: /; (US) IPA.

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Alternatively, the commission has the power to appoint a regent for the clan until it can elect a new boss. Still, for the most part, a terrific read. Scholars such as Diego Gambetta [25] and Leopoldo Franchetti have characterized the Sicilian Mafia as a “cartel of private protection firms”, whose primary business is protection racketeering.

Among the oldest and most powerful of these organizations, having started to develop between andinclude: If you are fond of short sentences and are fearful of semicolons, this one’s probably not for you.

Originally preying on the region’s substantial wine and olive oil industries, the group moved into fraud, gunrunning, and drug trafficking, and made alliances with international criminal organizations such as the Russian and Albanian mafias, the Colombian drug cartels, and some Asian organizations. In addition to their involvement in traditional organized crime rackets, the Banda della Magliana is also believed to have worked for Italian political figures such as Licio Gelligrand-master of the illegal and underground freemason lodge known as Propaganda Due P2which was purportedly connected to neofascist and far-right militant paramilitary groups.

Showing of 61 reviews. Mussolini firmly established his power in January ; he appointed Cesare Mori as the Prefect of Palermo in October and granted him special powers to fight the Mafia. In a publication, the Italian small-business association Confesercenti reported that about Origin, Power and Myth. In Aprilseveral bystanders were wounded during a shootout in Palermo. The Mafia began in the 19th century.


The early Mafia was heavily involved with citrus growers and koa ranchers, as these industries were particularly vulnerable to thieves and vandals and thus badly needed protection. The term mafia has become a generic term for any organized criminal network with similar structure, methods, and interests.

Falcone, Director of Prosecutions roughly, District Attorney and for the court of Palermo and head of the special anti-Mafia investigative squad, had become the organization’s most formidable enemy. Other than its members, Cosa Nostra makes extensive use of “associates”. In a series of reports between andErmanno Sangiorgi, the police chief of Palermo, identified mafiosi belonging noshra eight Mafia clans that went through alternating phases of cooperation and conflict.

Retrieved January 31, Based primarily in Sicilythe Sicilian Mafia formed in the 19th century by clans which sprang out of groups of bandits; these groups gained local power and influence. A mafioso’s legitimate occupation, if any, nostrra does not affect his prestige within Cosa Nostra.

Sicilian Mafia – Wikipedia

Some of the most common charges were mafia association, drug trafficking, extortion, fraud and vote buying. After his arrest, mafioso Giovanni Brusca described the ceremony in which he was formally made a full member of Cosa Nostra.

The gangs themselves are loosely controlled franchises. There are more than 3, members and affiliates in the United States scattered mostly throughout the major cities in the Northeast, the Midwest, Californiaand the South.

It explores the growing influence of the Sicilian criminal element and its flight overseas in the s to escape Fascism. This brought about the Camorra Noatra between two factions and almost men were murdered. InBenito Mussolini initiated a campaign to destroy the Mafia and assert Fascist control over Sicilian life.


Each decina is led by a capodecina. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Primogeniture was abolished, land could no longer be seized to settle debts, and one fifth of the land became private property of the peasants.

Cosa Nostra

Furthermore, Cubaa major hub for drug smuggling, fell to Fidel Castro. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Views Read Edit View history. The primary activity of the Mafia is to nstra protection and guarantee trust in areas of the Sicilian economy where the police and courts cannot be relied upon.

Organized crime in Italy

The Sicilian Mafia originally engaged noztra such lower-level activities as extortion, cattle theft and, upon Sicily becoming part of a democratic Italy, election slugging nstra addition to other kinds of relatively low-level theft and fraud.

This intermediary can vouch that neither of the two is an impostor. It is a sect with little or no fear of public bodies, because its members believe that they can easily elude this.

Customers who bought this item also bought. To ensure that this does not happen, a mafioso must never introduce himself to another mafioso whom he does not personally know, even if he knows the other through reputation.

The Commission also deals with matters of succession.