Commercial Valves. Ball Valves · Butterfly Valves · Bronze Valves · Iron Valves · Carbon / Stainless Valves. Industrial Valves. Gate Valve · Globe Valves · Check. All KITZ bronze/brass gate and globe valves employ Aramid Fiber PTFE as * The valves introduced in this catalog are not designed to handle toxic gases. Kitz Corporation is a world leader in the manufacturing of Carbon Steel Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Brass, Bronze, Iron and Butterfly valves in threaded, solder and flanged end connections. Kitz Steel Ball Valve. View catalogue.

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And, more recently, “Keepalloy” lead free compliant valves. Kitz Ball Valve Catalog 6.

KITZ standard stainless steel valves are designed and built to meet those needs. As a wholly owned subsidiary KITZ Corporation of America provides product and services to our customers throughout the kutz hemisphere. We have two types of actuator with various options that correspond to a variety of specifications. Ktalog covers all phases of valve manufacturing including its reputed in-house steel foundry operation for Japan’s largest production of stainless and high alloy steel castings.

KITZ original electric actuators for ball and butterfly valves. As one of the world’s largest stainless steel valve manufacturers.


Kitz Catalogues

Vented-ball, blow-out-proof stem and prevention of lever misalignment are all standard features that contribute to safe handling and trouble free operation. KITZ original designed pneumatic actuator for ball and butterfly valves. As one of the world’s largest stainless steel valve manufacturers, KITZ incorporates the same quality control process in both our commercial and industrial product lines.

KITZ Iron valves are no different. Click valvee area to view or download right click catalog data. KITZ’s low emission service valves offered in hydrocarbon and chemical industries a realistic and timely solution.

Website Link to Kitz Commercial Valves. The Catalog number is described on the upper right corner of the back side. Classified according to materials and valve types.

We produce various types of butterfly valve, which bear wide range of any situation, condition and application. Please click on the images below. We produce a wide variety of Ball Valves. Kitz Butterfly Valve Catalog 1.

KITZ : Strainer : Cast Iron : Model FCY

KITZ Iron Valves are widely used in building piping systems, water treatment plants and industrial facilities. We have been properly approved and authorized by a notified body to provide customers within EU countries with valve products conforming to all PED requirements.

This catalog contains main products within a wide variety of valves that we produce. Each of our manufacturing facilities utilizes a fully integrated system devoted to all phases of production.


Bronze and stainless steel threaded ball valves. Osland Kafalog Supply, Inc. Since the performance of iron valves depends greatly on the quality of the castings, molten iron is carefully controlled through one of the most advanced casting facilities in the industry.

All KITZ Valves are subjected to rigorous quality checks and extensive testing before leaving the factory.

Kitz Catalogues | Westlund

KITZ Iron Valves are widely used in building piping systems, water treatment plants and industrial facilities.

KITZ global reputation is firmly based on their commitment to the design and manufacture of quality valves. Ball Valve Cross Reference Chart.

Lower operating torques and smooth operation are benefits of the quality designed into every KITZ ball valve. This highly automated process assures consistent precision in manufacturing commercial and industrial valves for various water, oil, gas, and steam applications.

This product line includes Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, and Vapve valves available in bronze, brass, iron, carbon, stainless, and alloy steel. Price List KB.