JScrollPane; import ane; import MutableAttributeSet; import AttributeSet; import javax. JTextPane; //from w w w. j a v a 2 s. c o m public class Main { public static void main(String args[]) { JFrame f = new JFrame(); aultCloseOperation( JFrame. JTextPane is a subclass of JEditorPane class. JTextPane is used for styled document with embedded images and components. It is text component that can be.

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Edited 5 Years Ago by diafol: Any pointers would be appreciated: Inserts a component into the document as a replacement for the currently selected content. Instead, a program would use an editor pane to save a document which would then be used to initialize the text pane. That documentation contains more detailed, developer-targeted descriptions, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples.

Run the code below. If your program uses the setPage method, make sure you adjust your code for possible changes to the pane’s document and editor kit instances re-register document listeners on the new document, and so on. Components and images may be embedded in the flow of text. Two examples are jhextpane the default font and color. Take a look at Text Bound Demo 3.

Java Swing How to – Use JTextPane to style code

Here we list the facts again and provide a bit jtextpanf detail. If the document is not editable, beep and return. This section introduces their capabilities, offers hints on which one you might want to use, and points to other sources of information.

Fetches the current paragraph attributes in effect at the location of the caret, or null if none. The scrollpane slider was created to wrap the textpane. For more help, www. This method is intended to be used only for debugging purposes, and the content jtextane format of the returned string may vary between implementations. Since components cannot be a child of more than one container, this method should not be used in situations where the model is shared by text components.


Here is the code from TextSamplerDemo. Although this is an interesting example that concisely demonstrates several features of JTextPane”real-world” programs aren’t likely to initialize a text pane this way. Creates the EditorKit to use by default.

I have ti a few attempts at this but cannot get either to appear. Inserts an icon into the document as a replacement for the currently selected content. To begin using text, you might want to run these programs and examine their code to find something similar to what you want to do.

NOTE consider i18n issues and instead of checking for ” ” space character check whether the given character is space or not by Character. Applies the given attributes to character content. The text pane at the lower right demonstrates that you can easily embed images and even components directly into text panes. The currently registered factory is used to build a view for the document, which gets displayed by the ot. If u r not going for BreakIterator stuff then: IllegalArgumentException – if doc can’t be narrowed to a StyledDocument which is the required type of model for this text component See Also: Figure 3 shows an example of this.

Associates the editor with a text document. If there is a selection, the attributes are applied to the selection range. Returns a string representation of this JTextPane. Color 0,; instructionPanel. This must be a StyledDocument. Try to set the bounds of it.

TitledBorder null, “Instructions”, javax. Have something to contribute to this discussion? Using Swing Components Section: Hi Yes, it jtextpxne the setBounds, so set this and once I add go text to warrant a scrollbar it appears – fantastic! Note that the page might be loaded asynchronously, which keeps the GUI responsive but means that you should not count on the data being completely loaded after the call to setPage returns.


If there is jtwxtpane selection, the attributes are applied to the input attribute set which defines the attributes for any new text that gets inserted.

Font “Tahoma”, 1, 16new java. In order to use editor panes and text panes, you need to understand the text system, which is described in Text Component Features.

adding Jscrollbar or Jscrollpane to Jtextpane

AttributeSet getParagraphAttributes Fetches the current paragraph attributes in effect at the location of the caret, or null if none. You can see an editor pane and a text pane in use by running TextSamplerDemo.

If there is no selection this amounts to an insert of the given text. I did ro somewhere that the scrollbars will appear when the preferred size of the panel mtextpane greater than the size of the pane, but couldn’t set this up.

The best teams have no specialists, only general contributors with special skills. This is implemented to return javax. JTextPane -To find the index by providing xy position. Maybe it is showing but the size of the scroll pane ends up being much too small.

This is the bound property that establishes the content type of the editor.

How to color a particular sentence in JEditorPane. Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules.

Yes, it was the setBounds, so set this and once I add enough text to warrant a scrollbar it appears – fantastic!