LIC Jeevan Saral (plan ) is one of the most ‘flexible’ and ‘feature rich’ conventional endowment type plan ever launched by LIC of India. Know maturity amount of lic jeevan saral plan Enter Premium and age to calculate maturity of your jeevan saral plan. Table no Jeevan Saral: With Profit Plan. Winner of Golden Peacock Award. A Unique plan-probably first of its kind. A conventional plan but has good.

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It is an inbuilt benefit of the scheme. I somewhat understood your above table and was able to calculate my returns after 3 years,5 years,10 years as follows: Sum assured 2,50, at 8th year, should I pay any Tax on the surrender value? Maturity Date is in Can I surrender the policy in December What is the amount I will get after completion of 10 years because i repay my personal loan? What is my maturity value.

But all the policy holders who have purchased it before the withdrawal date will continue to enjoy the benefits of the policy. Please note that pension received is generally taxable and is added to your income.

Benefits of Jeevan Saral. Is it only sum assured or additional bonus are added to it? The Maturity Sum Assured depends on the age at entry of the life to be assured and is payable on survival to the end jeevab the policy term.


LIC Jeevan Saral (Plan No: 165) Maturity Calculator

If I pay monthly and accedental benefit, how much I will get it.? Giri Ranjan 4 April at I calculated for ten years and it is showing the tam equals to paid up premiums only.

Sanjay Salvi 3 January at Pralabh Jain jeevan saral atm plan January at Pradeep Gupta 20 November at If I wish to continue up to 10 years, how much i will get all total? Half Yearly Session Start: Abhijit Roy 20 December at Term rider can be added only sarzl the time of commencement of the policy. My Policies Log Out. Sanjay Bharti 20 December at Sum assured is 11lakh. Use this calculator to get the surrender value.

Abhijeet Salve 8 August at How much money shall I get?


Pralabh Jain 1 February at Jan I would like to surrender my policy, so how much I stm get amount including my paid premiums and Bonus etc.

Term Duration Yearly Premium Bands Up to to to Above 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Advertisement. The surrender value of your policy is just a call away.

Jeevan Saral table no. As per the lic chart above, you come under Basic premium of I am paying Rs 20, per year saarl Jeevan Saral Plan sinceNow, I want to know that, is it good to surrender my policy or not.

Jeevan Saral Surrender Value Calculator.

If I wish to continue upto 3 years, how much i will get all total? I was 30 when I purchased the plan and now thinking to surrender. Also brief me on Partial withdrawal.


Company Information About Us. If I wish to continue upto 15 years, how much i will get all total? I am using plan with rs premium per quarterly,and started from Can you kindly confirm what will the maturity amount if i terminate the policy now after 10 years of premium paying.

Can you please tell me my agent right or wrong? I intend to hold the policy till maturity, but as the loyalty addition after 16 th year is still not available curious atj know what will be the tentative expected IRR after 21 yrs for 48K yearly premium policy.

It will take four more years to declare loyalty additions for 20 year term. I have same question.

Jeevan Saral ATM Plan table no | LIC (Life), Health, Motor Advisor / Agent Delhi NCR

As the term of the plan is 35 years you are eligible for best loyalty addition rates also. Shalomiyal Shilu 13 June at If i surrender after 3 years how much will i get? Now after 10 years in I am getting basic amount plus bonus rupees.

I will not take the amount in between.