(Three books in one) 1) THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN The first novel of the famed trilogy by Roberts which presents Seth’s concepts in a dramatic. THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN by Jane Roberts. Illustrations by Robert F. Butts. PUBLISHED By POCKET BOOKS NEW YORK. Dedicated to. From the Bestselling Author of Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality The Education of Oversoul Seven The Further Education of Oversoul Seven.

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The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: Cyprus and Oversoul Seven Look in on Dr.

The Transformation of Gregory Diggs Chapter 8: Newer Post Older Post Home. The Local New Age Bookstore. I’m a man on Wednesday and Friday, a woman on Sunday and Thursday, and I have the rest of the time off for independent study.

It’s the s, and miracles just don’t happen. Each life is lived in a different area of time to which various designations are given. Kind of weird but robertz. One of the infamous New Ageys whose main purpose in life is to find a magical spiritual silver bullet which will cause them to manifest their higher selves as millionaires with fancy estates and Ducati motorcycles. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, this book is a delightful fantasy. It is not the first time you have said it!

You could hear crickets chirping after I was done as he looked at me like I was from Mars I had taken a break in between the 2nd and 3rd and read your latest book and enjoyed it very much. In the first Oversoul Seven novel and in its sequel The Further Education of Oversoul Seven we follow Lydia’s journey through death ths the choices she comes to make when her understanding of the soul which she wasn’t sure about in life begins to grow.


By my own experience and observation, by the way, such things are entirely possible. Now, years later, reading the three oversul reminds me just why she was such a gifted writer and channel.

Read “The Education of Oversoul Seven”!!! Jan 03, Betshy Sanchez Marrugo rated it it was amazing. I hope you remedied the situation.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy summarizes Seth’s teachings in novelized format, and explores and explains his ideas on the nature of consciousness and reality creation. They open a window to our higher selves and it is not only 7 who is receiving an education but us, the readers. Tobias These are novels and the way Jane Roberts describes their creation is that, in some way via an altered state of consciousness, she would find herself …more These are novels and the way Jane Roberts describes their creation is that, in some way via an altered state of consciousness, she would find herself in a ‘library’ and the books just came to her.

You have been a wonderful inspiration to me and I am so happy to see you bring up the OverSoul books on your blog. I believe in the soul and maybe in some form of reincarnation I think of it more like energetic recycling but I’m still sorting through all of that and this book wasn’t much help. Dire Probability Chapter That’s why Ghandi spun his own diapers and ate nothing but lemon juice for weeks on end.


It begins with Oversoul Seven, a soul with multiple incarnations being examined by a more advanced soul Cyprus. Prince rated it really liked it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

For one thing, it is grounded in Jane’s long engagement with the entity called Seth who dictated a series of books that – to my mind – contain one of the best working models of the multidimensional self.

Up and Down the Time Staircase Chapter 5: I find myself stepping back and opening more to the possibilities of life and time and pondering the diverse threads and connections that make up our engagements with the world as well as with ourselves.

The Robert Moss BLOG: Perennial lessons of Oversoul Seven

Suppose you were, say, Lydia on Earth, and she did something like that? Want to Read saving…. It explains Seth’s concepts in such an entertaining way. OVersoul 7 helps these people out, as much as they will let tfilogy, often during their sleep.

I wish I had been transcribing into a searchable database as you suggest. However, I do find Seth harder to swallow in the other books. Jul 08, Ally Perez rated it liked it.