Crimes and Mercies: the fate of German civilians under Allied occupation by James Bacque, Little, Brown pounds Linda Holt. Saturday. Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Bacque, James, — Crimes and mercies ISBN 1. Germany – History – 2. Food supply. More than nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after the Second World War – a.

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Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes The throned monarch better than his crown; His sceptre shows the force of temporal power, The attribute to awe and majesty, Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings; But mercy is above this sceptred sway, It is enthroned in the hearts of kings, It is an attribute bacaue God himself; And earthly power doth then show likest God’s When mercy seasons justice.

National Archives of Canada It had no beds, no medical supplies, no blankets and starvation rations bacqe the first month or more.

In this section of the papers, which, so far as Bacque can determine, is published here for the first time, Murphy wrote in 1 that ‘owing to the present high death rate in Germany’, the population would shrink by two million in the next two or three years. Harvard Law School Dr Phil. The Soviets took prisoner some 3.

The total occupation of Germany, and the destruction of Germany’s armed forces, national government, political parties, coupled with the trials of the war criminals, was the beginning of the Allies’ post-war policy.

All on this one theme, seeking to have the organization of Empire such that it will hold together by its several supports rather than all fall asunder Crimes and Mercies through the efforts of Tory imperialists to create a vaster Empire than has been, thereby sowing the seeds of another world war.

Thanks to John Bemrose, for warm friendship, good counsel and good editorial advice.

For many aggressive empire-builders like Churchill, to act on them was ‘ill-advised’. They blithely ignored evidence that was hacque at them. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

It is remarkable that such evidence was not immediately destroyed, but carefully preserved instead. Bacque’s latest book, Putting On Conradabout the experiences of producers trying to put on his play in the face of libel chill, is an amusing satire bxcque Canada’s literary establishment.


Uncounted millions of Japanese entered American captivity inplus aboutentering Soviet captivity.

Indeed, the two so-called World Wars of the first half of the century could very well be called our ‘thirty years’ war’, beginning in with the murder of the Austrian heir to the throne in Sarajevo and ending with the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in The French also wanted German labour to repair some of the damage done to their country during the campaigns.

And they happened at the end of a war we fought for decency and freedom, and they are not excusable. There were no windows, no fresh air entering at all except by the nn Crimes and Mercies door. Germany was seen as the only threat, and Poland was the place to end her aggressions.

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Ian rated it liked it Feb 08, Berwick does not know where they were taken. James Bacque is a novelist, book editor, essayist and historian whose work has helped raise awareness in human rights issues associated with war crimes, particularly spurring debate on and research into the treatment of German POW s at the end of World War II.

Hoover observed that Churchill believed that the ‘incidental starvation of women and children was justified if it contributed to the earlier ending of the war by victory’. Hoover proved himself so reliable, energetic, honest, discreet, well-organized, imaginative, common-sensible and well- intentioned during this and the Belgian relief campaigns, that by the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, was relying on him not only to organize food and relief but also for advice on the political consequences of relief.

Because of his supranational goals, he saved millions of people while other leaders – especially those at the Paris Peace Conference – had no idea what to do crlmes the crash except to glue the wings back on.

Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, by James Bacque

Also, the th report is set up with columns and headings defining various categories of patients including Casuals and Enemy Allied, Civilianas well as US troops.

He begged the ministers to show a magnanimity that would outlast all the bitterness of this war’. Nor does the report give breakdowns of enemy prisoners by communicable disease, for number of deaths, or for surgical cases, though these breakdowns are given in every case for sick Americans in their evacuation hospitals.


The former Chief Rabbi of Berlin, Dr Baeck, was reported in an influential US magazine to have ‘horrified the hate cult in this country by calling on his Jewish colleagues to join with him in demanding relief feeding for Germany.

The first English-speaking writer to gain access to these files, he found new proof of the mass deaths of prisoners. No German accounting of the foreign exports was permitted by the French, who took the goods, at prices they set themselves, and paid not in bwcque precious dollars received, but in marks, thus depriving the Germans of the one way they had to buy foreign food. You have my permission. In freeing colonies, forgiving enemies, in arms control, the voluntary limiting of XXII Introduction client-wars, in world health measures, food production, inter- national law, human rights and hundreds of other ways, the Western democracies have shown this genius.

James Bacque

Balfour, the chief Allied leaders were ‘three all-powerful, all-ignorant men sitting there and partitioning continents with only a child to take notes’. And we’re beyond that If the prisoners were allowed to return to Russia, they might be induced or pressed into the Red Army, which terrified the Western Allies. Merfies was also stripped of much coal, her eastern territories, industrial patents, lumber, gold reserves, and most of her labour force. By Septemberwhen the Japanese war was over and the atomic cloud had spread around the world, no one could doubt that the Soviets were already breaking all meries promises about Poland.

Their policy was partly in Churchill’s plan to share power with the Soviets in Europe, 14 partly a determination to crush Germany under an occupation so heavy that it could never again threaten the supremacy of the West. The sick were evacuated from the hospitals, jamed then stood silent.

We want to work’. But now the powers of the state were being vastly extended by the reformers bacqye in order to implement their generous ideals. The Americans now had a strong complaint against the Soviets, and a strong ally in Britain. Neither the British nor the Americans were known as gentle warriors.