Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB. Authors: Rod Johnson Written for architects and developers, this guide presents alternatives to EJB and . I was excited to see J2EE Development without EJB come across my desk at work. This is the new book by Rod Johnson and Juergen Hoeller. Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB shows Java developers and Rod Johnson is an enterprise Java architect with extensive experience in the.

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Expert One-on-One™ J2EE™ Development without EJB™ [Book]

The New Paradigm on the Block: The Cost of Instance Developmeent Use the Strategy Design Pattern This practical, code-intensive guide provides best practices for using simpler and more effective methods and tools, including JavaServer pages, servlets, and lightweight frameworks. EJB is just a server side component that servers the j2fe of the user. Choosing the Best Architecture for Your Application This practical,code-intensive guide provides best practices for using simpler andmore effective methods and tools, including JavaServer pages,servlets, and lightweight frameworks.


You will witthout how these alternatives affect testing, performance, and scalability, and discover how lightweight architectures can slash time and effort on many projects. Build and Deployment Chapter 14 Unit Testing and Testability. View table of contents. Supporting Remote Clients 3.

Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB

Choosing between Setter and Constructor Injection 6. The Monolithic, Distinct Container Problem 5. Setting Clear Goals The Simplicity Dividend 4. Goals of Unit Testing A Word on ASP.

Expert One-on-One™ J2EE™ Development without EJB™

Lightweight Containers and Inversion of Control. NET “Serviced Components” 3.

Juergen has a masters degree in Computer Science from theUniversity of Linz, specializing in Java, OO modeling, and softwareengineering. Bean Factory Post-processing 7.

MVC Web Actions 3. Generic Data Access Exceptions Data Access Technologies in Practice They demonstrate howto leverage practical techniques and tools, including the popularopen source Spring Framework and Hibernate.

java – What cannot be done without EJB – Stack Overflow

He speaks frequently at leading industry conferences. He speaks frequently wiyhout leadingindustry conferences. Chapter 16 The Sample Application. DAOs and Transparent Persistence Writing Effective Tests It moved to JSE.

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Should We Intercept Fields? Cultural Causes of Complexity: EJBs, or enterprise java beans are java classes that can be managed by Java EE container that guarantees services like. The Winds of Change 4.

He obtained a Ph. Inversion of Control 6.