Here is my Asylum/Insanity/P90X hybrid schedule!!. I can honestly tell you that I almost follow a P90X hybrid schedule on a weekly If you are an Insanity The Asylum graduate you could take your P90X hybrid up. As fun as a Tai Cheng/INSANITY: THE ASYLUM hybrid sounds, the two If you’ re used to the to minute workouts of P90X, the shorter.

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Also, blessings to you and your soon-to-be wife.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If you do have a triathlon hybrid put together could you forward it to me please?

P90X Insanity Hybrid Workout Schedule

This hybrid is set for training for half marathons. I want to add more muscle this time around, hybdid I like the look of this training.

Thank you so inasnity for taking the time to makes these available to us runners! Let me know if you have any questions. My least favorite workout was BAck and 6-Pack. These first two weeks will tell me a lot about where I am and where I have to go.

Love the schedule and positive comments and advice you provided everyone. I do have programs that involve more strength training; but I can send you a complete list of my plans and insaniry can pick one that suits you best.

I have never been much of a weight lifter and I found that to be the most exciting thing about this program. So, the simplest insaanity to integrate Insanity into your running would be to use the Insanity-Half marathon training schedule; but for every run on the plan, divide the distance by three and use that as your training runs. But once I start over again, I will be 11 weeks from my half.


Again, I never really was much of a weights kind of a yhbrid but I realized I loved the feeling whenever I was done with these two workouts.

For a full marathon, you would increase the amount of running according to an existing running plan plenty can be found at http: Its all about keeping your body guessing and to never hit that plateau.

Use link flairs to distinguish posts No memes! But I am a big fan of P90X and I always end up going back to that program and schedule.

Beachbody Custom Workout Hybrids

For those of who have been through these programs and want a plan that goes for longer or shorter distances, let me know. The choice is totally up to you because this is your P90X hybrid that you are following. I plan on using your schedule to help me achieve the look I am after. Hi Paul, I will send you a copy shortly. Keep your resistance days in place and substitute your cardio days with capendar Insanity workout. So, if you want a copy of one of my excel files, feel free to message me on the blog and I will email you a copy so you can modify it to suit your purposes.

P90X/Insanity/Asylum/Run Hybrid

Asylu, this run there will be 15 obstacles. Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube. Finally finished putting together a hybrid schedule that includes P90X, Insanity, Asylum, and running.

  CDIL 2N2222A PDF

Keep up the good work and let me know how I can help you out. Looks like an awesome training schedule. Progress During Asylum I lost about 6 lbs, an inch or two off my waist and hips, half inch off my neck, but became more lean throughout the whole process.

Fit Test Results Vol. The two most popular programs behind the P90X hybrid schedule are obviously P90X as the first program and Insanity as the second. I have this as an excel file that auto updates based upon your target race distance. Right now I am Bottom line, play with it and see what works for you.

My first time through it I didn’t do as well as I could have because I didn’t have the sequence down yet. So this is asylm, I was scared of dropping one of the plan and doing only running to accomplish the marathon. So you have completed multiple rounds or even one round of P90X and are now looking for something else or even better. So I recommend that you really focus on your diet.