1. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. Jun;35(6) doi: /s Epub Mar Since influenza viruses can cause severe illness, timely diagnosis is important for an adequate intervention. The available rapid detection methods either lack. The Solana Influenza A+B Assay is a rapid qualitative in vitro diagnostic test for the detection and differentiation of influenza A and influenza B viral RNA in nasal .

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Robinson JL, et al. Application of a fluorogenic PCR assay for typing and subtyping of influenza viruses in respiratory samples. Besides being rapid, this method also has the advantage of a standardized protocol that can be applied easily to other respiratory viruses; the TaqMan PCR can be performed under uniform amplification conditions, thereby allowing the use of target-specific primer and probe sets. Lastly, be sure to get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids to help your body fight the virus.

Efficacy and safety of the neuraminidase inhibitor zanamivir in the treatment of influenzavirus infections. This study describes a rapid, sensitive detection method that can be easily applied to routine diagnosis. Antimicrobial Resistance Management C. Guidelines WHO recommendations on the use of rapid testing for influenza diagnosis. About Abbott is a world leader in rapid diagnostics at the point of care, with a focus on cardio metabolic disease, infectious disease and toxicology.

With the development of such new treatment options, rapid detection methods become even more desirable. Finally, the results from cell culturing generally are obtained too late for adequate intervention. Electron microscopy-counted stocks of influenza infleunza A and B were used to develop a quantitative PCR format. Influezna of the influenza virus strains but none of the other respiratory viruses were detected.

These types of w interfere with the release of virus from infected cells.


Unfluenza Picard C, et al. The available rapid detection methods either lack sensitivity or require complex laboratory manipulation. Viewpoints Point-of-care diagnostics is a growing and dynamic industry helping to improve clinical and economic outcomes globally.

Influenza virus infection is a highly contagious respiratory disease that can spread easily and that is responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality each year. So chances are, you may benefit at some point in your life from talking…. Elderly and compromised individuals are especially at risk of developing severe illness and complications.

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WHO recommendations on the use of rapid testing for influenza diagnosis. The other clinical samples were influeza from patients with respiratory illnesses at the University Medical Center Utrecht in and After absorption for 1 h at room temperature, the inoculum was removed and 5 ml of fresh Eagle minimal essential medium supplemented with 0.

Ifluenza about strategies to keep from getting the flu, and how to recover quickly if you do get the bug.

How Are Influenza A and B Different?

Real time quantitative PCR. Our findings demonstrate that the multiplex TaqMan PCR is a sensitive and specific method for the simultaneous rapid detection of influenza viruses A and B.

All of the samples were transported in 5 ml of virus transport medium. Based on your current location, the content on this page may not be relevant for your country. We are pleased to influenzx you with materials to support your IQCPs. Treatment is focused around relieving symptoms until your body clears the virus naturally.

Detecting early flu symptoms can help….

Nifluenza copies of viral RNA were detected for influenza virus A, and 11 copies were detected for influenza virus B, equaling 0.

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BIONEXIA Influenza A+B rapid test | bioMérieux Clinical Diagnostics

Type and subtype specific detection of influenza viruses in clinical specimens by rapid culture assay. Routine diagnostic logistics were used for sample transportation from the general practices to the laboratory as well as for sample transportation from the outpatient clinic to the laboratory. Antiviral medications are most effective when started within the first 48 hours of your illness. Using conventional culturing, we could detect virus on day 7 only in one patient. Combined nose and throat swab specimens or nasal washes were obtained from individuals with upper or lower respiratory tract symptoms.


For example, influenza A H3N2 viruses are associated with more hospitalizations and deaths in children and the elderly than in other age groups, according to the CDC. But even when this happens, the vaccine still offers some protection.

The samples that were sent by mail were left at room temperature for a maximum of 24 h. The exact primers and probes were chosen after a sequence comparison of 39 influenza virus A strains and 44 influenza virus B strains.

How are influenza A and influenza B different?

Alere i Influenza A & B – Alere is now Abbott

The multiplex TaqMan PCR was more sensitive than standard conventional culturing or shell vial culturing; x. You can also contract the virus by touching a surface that has the virus on it and then touching your nose or mouth.

The low recovery rate with culture techniques is usually influenzaa by viral inactivation caused by the transportation of samples. Related Publications Briand H, et al. It has the potential to lead to pandemics due to its dynamic nature and large host range.

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