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Double-click Press the primary mouse button twice continuously and quickly without moving the pointer. Prefabricated Modular Data Centers. Step 2 to step 6 of the following configuration steps are not in a particular sequence.

The user installs the hardware and powers on the BS. The result is used during the network entry negotiation of the MS.

DBS WiMAX Feature Configuration Guide | Panku Singh –

Currently, the BS supports scanning triggered by the following three conditions: With this feature, local software commissioning is not necessary during site deployment. Impact Multi-antenna technologies do not affect each other.

In this way, data transmission efficiency is maximized, and a high rate is achieved. In the latest IEEE The configured active neighboring cells must be available so that the coverage environments required by handovers are available.

DBS Distributed Base Stations — Huawei products

Search for a nearby reseller and get direct contact information. Enter your email please. Signals are processed such as STC by the transmitter and then sent through multiple antennas. The value of this parameter impacts data transmission performance and system overhead over the air interface.


DBS3900 Distributed Base Stations

Its coverage and capacity are expanded through 4T4R multi-antenna technologies, its maintainability and testability are improved, and thus it provides subscribers with the wireless broadband access services of large capacity and high quality. Definition When the MS moves from one cell to another, the signal strength of the source cell becomes weak whereas that of the target cell becomes strong, because of reasons such as distance.

Purpose QoS is used to guarantee the end-to-end service quality. For details on the configuration commands and procedure, see the manuals of the huawri equipment. Shift Between Uplink Power Control Modes The uplink power control mode can shift between closed-loop power control and open-loop power control. Convention Description Boldface Buttons, menus, parameters, tabs, window, and dialog titles are in boldface.

Original HUAWEI DBS3900 GSM Base Station Telecom Equipment IEEE 802.16e CE

Insecure location update is actually a location update failure. The value of this parameter indicates the maximum size of buffer that a sub-burst can occupy.

The BS uses multiple antennas for transmission. Huawei communications products are widely covers the exchange, wireless, transmission, access, data communication, etc, provides a comprehensive network solutions.

Therefore, the parameter is set to variable.

After the receiver receives an error packet, it does not discard the error packet but combines the error packet with the retransmitted redundancy information and then decodes the combined information. For example, to query the information of trigger 0 of carrier 0 under sector 0, run the following command: UGS The UGS is designed to support real-time uplink service flows that transmit fixed-size packets on a periodic basis.


As defined in Mobile System Profile Release 1. The adjustments are accumulated. Courier New Examples of information displayed on the screen are in Courier New.

If the value of the bit is 0, the handover feature is not supported. What’s your warranty and after-sale services? Therefore, the interference on the subscribers in neighbor cells is reduced. The BS offers unicast grants in an unsolicited manner like in UGS, thus reducing the delay of requests for bandwidth. Choose product to compare.

This process is known as a handover, which is a major function enabling mobility management in wireless communications. Hard handover A hard handover is a handover in which the terminal is disconnected from the source cell before a connection is established between the terminal and the target cell.

Multi-Service Packet Transport Platforms. A new handover process is not triggered before the current handover process is complete. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.