Hypromellose (INN), short for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), is a semisynthetic, inert, viscoelastic polymer used as eye drops, as well as an excipient. VIVAPHARM® HPMC, hypromellose, is a cellulose-based polymer for film coating, wet granulation, and hard capsule manufacturing. It is practically insoluble in. 7 matches Methocel® A15 LV. 1 Product Result. | Match Criteria: Product Name, Description . Methocel® A15 LV % methoxyl basis. Synonym: Methyl.

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HPMC is used primarily in construction materials like tile adhesives and renders [6] where it is used as a rheology modifier and water retention agent.

By using hpmx site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is widely used as as thickener, protective colloid, stabili z er, suspending aids and water-retention agents in many industrial applications.


Because hypromellose solution is a non-newtonian solution and exhibits pseudoplastic, more specifically, thixotropic behavior, various test methods are available, and the results ypmc different methods and viscosmeters do not necessarily correspond to each other. Factory price high quality hpmc k4m hppmc e15 e50 e5. That is, when the solution heats up to a critical temperaturethe solution congeals into a non-flowable but semi-flexible mass. Since there are maximum jpmc possible sites of substitution with each cellulose molecule, this average value is a real number between 0 and 3.

About product and suppliers: Post-application, celluloid attributes of good water solubility reportedly aid in visual clarity. It is nonionic one in water solution, it won’t be reacted with other anions or cations and insensitive to the salts. What documents you provide9 A: Archived from the original on The product should be stored under dry and clean conditions in its original packing and away from heat.


Typically, this critical congealing temperature is inversely related to both the solution concentration of HPMC and the concentration of the methoxy group within the HPMC molecule which in turn depends on both phmc degree of substitution of the methoxy group and the molar substitution.

VIVAPHARM® HPMC E5 – Hypromellose from JRS Pharma – Product Description and Details

Hypromellose is a solid, and is a slightly off-white to beige powder in appearance and may be formed into granules. Besides, HPMC can be used as thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, shaping agent, water-retaining agent, film forming agent, etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But the molecule is capable of generating esterification, etherification and acetal reaction, so it is possible to make it insoluble in water or improve its properties.

Kindly send us your address, we are honored to offer you samples. Hypromellose INNshort for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMCis a semisyntheticinert, viscoelastic polymer used as eye drops, as well as an excipient and controlled-delivery component in oral medicaments, found in a variety of commercial products. Hypromellose solutions were patented as a semisynthetic substitute for tear-film.

Retrieved from ” https: Molar substitution is the average level of hydroxypropoxy substitution on the cellulose chain. Thus, moisture must be tested and weight corrected to ensure adequate amount of dry active material are aportioned for usage.

Hypromellose augmentation therefore results in extended lubricant time presence on the cornea, which theoretically results hpmmc decreased eye irritation, especially in dry climates, home, or work environments. Since hydroxypropoxy base can be attached to each other on side chains and does not each require a base substitution site on the cellulose molecule, this number can be higher than 3.


Views Read Edit View history. There are hpmc e5 suppliers, mainly located in Asia. We can provide you with severals of products of different levels. This non-toxic ingredient is combustible and can e55 vigorously with oxidizing agents.

That is, the higher the concentration of the methoxy group, the lower the critical temperature. Degree of substitution is the average level of methoxy substitution on the cellulose chain.

And hpkc can also be used as softener, suspending agent and stabilizer of gel and cream.

VIVAPHARM® HPMC E5 – Hypromellose from JRS Pharma

Hypromellose in an aqueous solution, unlike methylcelluloseexhibits a thermal gelation property. It can be used to prevent coalescence of particles or gel, lest producing precipitation. Chemical Raw Material hpmc e5. For hpmf uses, see HPMC disambiguation.

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations. High quality pharmaceutical grade hpmc e5 e15 e Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg.

When applied, a hypromellose solution acts to swell and absorb water, thereby expanding the thickness of the tear-film.