In the case of his story “Hostess”, Asimov had to make some modifications so that his story was not too similar to Sturgeon’s “Rule of Three”. Isaac Asimov (January 2, – April 6, ) was an American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, best known for his. I find it harder to write about Asimov and Biosci Fi, though. turgid, and, to me, somewhat confusing story, Hostess, was published in

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The alien notes that the telepathy-like links between members of the other races makes the idea of a missing person impossible, and that this, too, is a behavior hosgess only among humans.

The editor of Galaxy wanted to publish ‘Hostess’, but first Asimov had to re-write his story so as to make it seem more clearly distinct from Sturgeon’s story before it could be published in Galaxy Science Fiction in May see this review.

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Alexander rated it really liked it Sep 14, His idea of why this happens is proven true in an unexpected way.

During the conversation, Drake had revealed he was a policeman. The Perfect Host cover art by Michael Dashow I’ve been honoring the 25th anniversary of Isaac Asimov ‘s death by catching up on my reading of some Asimov stories and essays. Skyhard rated it liked it Mar 17, Tholan reveals that the other races normally live indefinitely, growing throughout.

Amused to be so transparent, Drake explains that they are indeed aware of the disease, but can do nothing about it – it now lives in a symbiotic relationship, its growth-inhibiting properties preventing cancer from killing everyone.


The last few lines sent my mind tumbling all the way back through the story to solidify a whole that’s surprisingly better than the sum of its already impressive parts.

Parts of the story are told by a series of narrators, culminating in one section of the story labelled “Theodore Sturgeon”. That night, he mentions to Rose that Tholan had been asking around about him before hosess visit, and intimates that he is there to see him, not Rose.

While the other four races share many similarities, humans are unique among the five races in many ways.

For “Hostess” he went on to imagine that the mysterious infectious agents residing in our chromosomes were endosymbionts, able to control human behavior. Floris rated it liked it Sep 09, She notes Drake’s reaction to Tholan’s use of the term “hostess” and her offhand mention of mosquitos, carriers of disease.

Hostess (short story)

Drake is actually a member of the World Security Board. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. James Mcclellan rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Cool and smart dialogue, interchanging some interesting and original I suppose even more for the time it was published in ideas. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. The next day Rose reads some of Tholan’s work which causes her to abandon the notion that he is an imposter.

Hostess (short story)

She considers whether the disease was created on Earth as a biological weapon, but rejects it as impossible given hotsess lack of understanding of alien physiology.

She realizes the real action of the disease: Jun 28, Alice rated hosteas it was amazing Shelves: After admitting he is the only one to have developed this theory, Drake kills him. So I won’t, because I can’t express in cohesive terms how marvelous this story is.

She asijov Drake’s reaction to Tholan’s use of the term “hostess” and her offhand mention of mosquitos, carriers of disease. Hawkinsite Normal growth and reproduction of biological organisms has always fascinated humans.


But Rose realizes this is not the case, that he asimmov the Security Board had to have been aware of Thorn’s theory already. She wonders if Drake married her to meet Tholan, but again rejects the possibility. Refresh and try again. Robert rated it liked it Nov 22, Nightfall and Other Stories by Isaac Asimov.

Hostess by Isaac Asimov.

Humanity has spread out into aasimov galaxy and made contact with four other intelligent non-human races. Drake’s displeasure fades and is replaced by intense interest, and he and Tholan discuss matters for hours.

Lists with This Book. Apparently Asimov was not fond of the drudgery of correcting pre-publication galley proofs. Pretty insightful and thought-provoking for such a short tale.

To spread, the disease controls human behavior, urging males—especially those in the first year of marriage—to have wanderlust so they can infect new hosts. Open Preview See a Problem? The analogy between propagating genes that control the physical structure of organisms and hostese ideas shared by human brains was already recognized back in the s when biological evolution was first recognized as a foundational concept in biology.

Part of the human life style is the innate assumption that other people have minds similar to the mind that we each experience subjectively. The story involves an alien medical doctor who visits Earth as part of jostess into the unique fact that only Earth beings age and die.