Holothoria atra, is a holothurian of order Aspidochirotes belonging to the family Description a Sea Cucumber Species Holothuria atra Jaeger, from. Native range | All suitable habitat | Point map | Year This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Holothuria atra AquaMaps Data. Holothuria (Holothuria) atra Jaeger, AphiaID. (urn:lsid: :taxname). Classification. Biota; Animalia.

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Spirostan and furostan steroid saponins, pregnane glycosides have a potential to be used as cancer therapies. A total of 59 natural compounds were identified from the extracts of sea cucumber H. The infected cells were stained and observed for plaque reduction.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Holothuria atra is an omnivoresifting through the sediment with its tentacles and hlothuria on detritus and other organic matter. The gradual decrease in absorbance values showed increase in inhibition effect of the extracts against the Hela cell lines.

Isolation of shignoid bases of sea cucumber cerebrosides and their cytotoxic activity against colon cancer cells. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: The body is elongated and cylindrical with rounded ends and a smooth skin.

Holothuria atra

Prior to incubation, an overlay medium comprising of 0. The interpretation on mass spectrum GC-MS was carried out and the spectra of the unknown component were hoolothuria to the ztra of the known components stored in the NIST library.

IC 50 values were calculated Percentage inhibition of novel compounds against all cell lines was calculated using the following formula:. Halodeima atra is a black sea cucumber with black tentaclesfrequently covered with sand H.

Qatar e-Nature – Holothuria atra

The GC-MS analysis showed the availability of 59 compounds. Trypan hloothuria dye exclusion test Being an essential dye, Tryphan blue was used in estimating holoothuria number of viable cells present in a population. SJG-1 possessed a sialic acid, nonhydroxy fatty acids and phytosphingosine-type long chain bases as major ceramide components.


Acknowledgments The authors are grateful and thankful to Dr. The Black Sea Cucumber, the most commonly encountered holothurian in Qatar, is an omnivore feeder, sifting through the sediment with its tentacles and feeding on detritus and other organic matter while at the same time ingesting sand grains.

As a defence against predatorsHolothuria atra emits a toxic red fluid when its skin is rubbed or damaged. The antiviral activity was defined as the percentage of plaque inhibition as follows:.

Intercedenside D—I iso lated a cytotoxic triterpene glycoside from the sea cucumber Mensamaria intercedens a marine natural product inhibited proliferation of atrs human cancer cell lines Zou et al. Research results showed that angiogenesis inhibitors effectively block the growth of tumors by cutting off their nutrient and blood supply. Immunomodulatory properties of cucumariosides from the edible Far-eastern holothurian cucumaria japonica.

It is a small to very large species up to mmfissiparouscylindrical with rounded ends, a smooth tegument and a bolothuria body wall. You can continue searching for Holothuria atra on one of these Web sites: The antiviral activity was defined as the percentage of plaque inhibition as follows: Promising in vitro cytotoxic compounds such as the Calcigeroside B, C1 and C2 identified from the holothurians included triterpene glycosides.

World Register of Marine Species. The mouth is on the underside at one end and is surrounded by a fringe of 20, black, branched tentacles. Thus Holothuria atra extracts have the ability to arrest the multiplication of virus and suppress its growth by influencing the growth factors.


Structure and antiviral activity of the galactofucan sulfates extracted from Undaria pinnatifida Phaeophyta J Appl Phycol. Holothuria atra Jaeger, [2]. The supernatant was collected and filtrated. Free sterol compositions from the sea cucumbers Pseudostichopus trachus, Holothuria Microtele nobilis, Holothuria scabra, Trochostoma orientale and Bathyplotes natans.

It was done to avoid formation of secondary plaques. NMR analysis The active fractions obtained from column chromatography were analysed for Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy NMR analysis. The anus is ztra the other end. Aaron Premnath Lipton, Email: Kerr RG, Chen Z. Holothuria atra Conservation status. Virus dilutions were prepared in Eagles minimum essential medium.

The species is fished in some parts of its range, but the processed product is of low commercial value. Published online Nov In low concentrations, the extract showed potent inhibitory effect towards Herpes simplex virus and thus has got significant drug holotthuria. Dilution of virus Concentration of H. The compounds were identified by comparison with the standards. Fisons GC series and MS: The extract LPS obtained from Stichopus japonicus induced inflammatory response via blocks the MAPK signaling pathway in murine macrophages, showed in vitro with anti-inflammatory potential Himayaa et al.

Investigations into the mechanism by which sulfated polysaccharides inhibit HIV infection in vitro. The plates were aseptically streaked with the test microorganism using a sterile swab and allowed to dry for atrz few minutes.