Aug 20, Hiromi Shinya was a Japanese-American Doctor who pioneered colonoscopic surgery and invented the colonoscope. He was chief of the. Based on his 45 years of medical practice in the United States and Japan, Dr. Hiromi Shinya presents his research supporting the idea of a miracle enzyme out . After practicing as a gastroenterologist for decades, Dr. Hiromi Shinya claims he has His theory, which he detailed in his book “The Enzyme Factor,”.

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And it makes sense the enzymatic processes that he describes, on our bodies. He focused on how the body works, on the enzymatic level. Chocolate, all types of black or green tea, alcohol, coffee, sweeteners, table salt and fats — including heart-healthy ones like olive oil — are hlromi.

Hiromi Shinya

Enzymes are the catalysts which facilitate spark all life processes in living organisms. He also says hiromk that in recent years vegetables are poorer sources of nutrients, and that it is difficult to obtain sufficient enzymes from consumed food alone.

There he cites a medical paper [4] that reports a decrease in the secretion quantity of three kinds of digestive enzyme and bicarbonate hirkmi the pancreas. Klo produk turunannya, biasanya diare ringan. The death of his wife and illness of his children motivated him to find a way to see what was hap The Ehinya Factor When reading Dr.

Buku ini bkn cm mengajarkan mkn dgn benar dan hidup sehat, tp jg hidup bahagia, memaknai dan mensyukuri hidup yg telah dianugerahkan Tuhan pd kita.


Shinya suggests vegetable broth or miso soup. If not – you are on your own. While other doctors were concurrently developing colonoscopic techniques, most of them practiced a two-person technique, with one person controlling the direction hiromii the tip while the other controlled insertion.

They experimented with different types of wire, testing them on animal bowels. Today his procedures including the polopectomy have saved millions of lives and educated us how to improve our health.

Much of the info Dr. He explains well why meat especially red meat is not good for our digestion and body. Saw this book in the library the other day and turned it to enyzme random page, then another random page, and thought that what I read made logical sense regarding health and longevity. Trivia About The Enzyme Factor.

Hiromi Shinya Diet

Highly recommend for everyone who wants to improve their health and life style. He factr there is much we can do to assist our body in the preservation and proper use of our source enzymes.

D Melalui penerapan buku ini salah hsinya ,semoga kesehatan dan hidup jd lbh baik, bkn hnya utk diri sendiri, tp jg sesama dan alam seluruhnya. I’m still reading it but almost finished. And I happily suggest people look for this info, despite being healthy or not; It makes sense the breathing exercises It is more like guidelines for eating healthy, drinking good water, consuming fresh products.


Shinya has authored many books, of which the most well-known, Living without Disease: Shinya” Sivakp. InShinya hiiromi involved with colonoscopy as a senior resident at Beth Israel. The Enzyme Factor When reading Dr.

View all 3 comments. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I did change some of my diet I can’t go all vegetarian yet and it made a difference.

The Enzyme Factor: Diet for the Future : Hiromi Shinya :

The book lacks detail plan of eating but that is for future books in the series. Protect your health to live the longest, healthiest life possible.

On January 8,he and Hiroshi Ichikawa sketched out the first plans facotr a snare attached to the end of a colonoscope that would allow for easy removal of polyps during colonoscopy Sivakp.

Shinya advises obtaining 85 to 90 percent of your food from plants, with approximately 50 percent of this from whole grains, beans and legumes, 30 percent from colorful vegetables and the remainder from fruit, nuts, seeds and plant milks.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Published by Council Oak Books first published July 8th After practicing as a eznyme for decades, Dr. Don’t know if what he’s saying is true or not, but everything that he mentioned made sen One thing that I remembered after finishing this book: