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These are some of the questions we need to answer. This site uses cookies. How many different types were designed and how many were built?

He was sentenced to imprisonment for fifteen years. MEBO 5418 the following terms to describe the various production stages of these timers: Building the MST Timers.

I guess that Bollier did the soldering. So with the help of Bollier, they studied this photo of the Togo timer. This is a pre-series timer because the condenser has been soldered diagonally and the soldering points near the switches of the power cable have not been covered with a plastic protective sheet On the other hand I can verity that the circuit board has been coated with a protective lacquer which points to a later development of circuit board.

Photo 8 an oscillator crystal. Photo 3 is a MST the circuit board without the time switch. Photo 2 is the rear side of a MST timer assembled by me.

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Twitter Facebook Google Email. Post was not yef – check your email addresses! MST Delivery to Libya. What do we know about the MST Timers? On the evidence which we heard we are satisfied that the explosive device which destroyed Hrf was triggered by an MST timer alone and that neither an ice-cube timer nor any barometric device played any part in it. Although the Commission recognises that any assessment of the reasonableness of the verdict must proceed purely on the evidence before the trial court King; Campbell v HMA SCCRthe account given to the defence by Hinshiri is of assistance in understanding why no such challenge was made.


Photo 1 is one of our timers although I do not recognize the black electric cable. In the case of these Thuring boards, it is actually a mix of Lead and Tin. One of their goals was to estimate the numbers of MST timers that had been built and supplied.

The MST Timers | PT35B

Bollier often visits me in the laboratory and helps with simple hfe work and I remember that in about the summer of he soldered a battery and cable onto an MST timer. The FBI report on the Togo timer does not mention the watermark on the main board of the timer. Lumpert is shown ten photos from the DP file. We have done so when his evidence has not been challenged and appears to have been accepted, or where it is supported from some other acceptable source.

Photo 5 I recognize one of our timers. Quartz Crystal Design Note.

The MST-13 Timers

Schweizerische Isolawerke AG in Breitenbach. The models being used were, however, different from the RT SF used in the PA disaster, and the timers were of a type known as ice-cube timers. I have found the explanation to this discrepancy. These boxes raise an important question.

Mr Lumpert was told of the requirements by Mr Bollier and proceeded to develop two prototypes. Come to think of it, the Lockerbie trial is a case in point. The main board is exactly the same in both cases. What we hsf however accept is that later in the summer of the two prototypes were delivered by Mr Bollier to the Stasi in East Berlin, whatever be the colour of their circuit boards.

In his defence precognition see appendix Hinshiri confirmed that he had ordered a quantity of MST timers and that these had subsequently been delivered to heg.

Photo 7 This is an oscillator with the resistors which were added later. The pre-series timers had protective lacquer only on one side.

Here is a good quality pic of the board design: Dalkamoni, however, was not, and he was later convicted in relation to bomb attacks on a railway line in Germany in and and possession of the weapons found at Sandweg There was no evidence that the cell had the materials necessary to manufacture an explosive device of the type that destroyed PA Then I call upon the Clerk of Court to read the indictment and the special defences.

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However, given the need to finalise the review, and the fact that other grounds of referral had been identified, the decision was taken not to do so.

His instructions from them were that any bomb he made must not be primed.

The upper limit of twenty timers was actually deduced from the following analysis. Equally, despite the evidence of Mr Wenzel that after the fall of the Berlin wall he had destroyed all timers supplied to the Stasi, we are unable to exclude the possibility that any MST timers in the hands of the Stasi left their possession, although there is no positive evidence that they did and in particular that they were supplied to the PFLP-GC.

The first five were delivered by Bollier to Fazani in Libya in the late fall of Yet, its consequences are not without merit. This is consistent with the evidence of Mr Wenzel who at the material time was a major in the Stasi and with whom Mr Bollier then dealt.

In such circumstances, the Commission would have been bound to deal with the material in a manner appropriate for safeguarding the interests of national security.

Despite this evidence we cannot, however, exclude absolutely the possibility that more than two MST timers were supplied by MEBO to the Stasi, although there is no positive evidence that they were, nor any reasons why they should have been. His answers are reproduced under each picture. Similarly, we cannot exclude the possibility that other MST timers may have been made by MEBO and supplied to other parties, but there is no positive evidence that they were. By continuing to heef this website, you agree to their use.