GURPS Martial Arts brings fighting styles from throughout history to Fourth Edition. GURPS Martial Arts for 4th edition is a mature product that embodies the. GURPS Martial Arts is a source book for the GURPS role-playing game, published by Steve Jackson Games; the most recent edition was scheduled to be . or point your World Wide Web browser to: ~ftp/GURPSnet/www. The GURPS Martial Arts web page is at

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GURPS Martial Arts | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Many of these styles have realistic and cinematic totals. Scattered through this section is information on the Belt system and other ranking systems as well as information on specific styles and thinking like External vs. Targeted Attacks and Combos, when used too often, become predictable and your opponent gains a bonus to defense, which means you should use them sparingly, when circumstances warrant it.

Use Techniques Sparingly I honestly find 4e’s treatment of techniques slightly frustrating. Originally Posted by Abaddon87 That sounds great! Written by Sean Punch and Peter V. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for Marrtial — as well as many of our other game lines.

Moreover, in 3e, you were required to take every technique in a martial gyrps to “know” that martial art. All times are GMT Dell’Orto Edited by Sean Punch. The whole point of things like kata is that they teach you to use very complex tactics that you’d arfs think of in the middle of a harried fight.

Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games! So, I need to make sure that if I attack you, I do so in a way that you can’t defend properly against, which means that I should feint against you, but knowing that I’ll feint, you might evaluate and, if so, I might be better off evaluating first as maryial.


Surf our site for the files you want. Retrieved from ” http: It’s a subtle mechanic, but I found it made quite a difference. I took Toadkiller Dog’s adts about writing down the more complex moves msrtial a fighter might use and giving them swell names. Find More Posts by Figleaf GURPS actually runs a really great martial arts game.

Perks are where it’s at!

GURPS Martial Arts

I did eventually modify Evaluate some. The extreme potential complexity of GURPS martial arts becomes a feature, gyrps a bug, and people begin fighting in a very complex way.

Chinese Elemental Powers — An extensive and flavorful example of using powers to 4 Chinese-inspired magical arts.

Perks really provide that. Privacy Policy Artd Us. Tricks like Iron Body PartTeamwork, Resistant to Chi PowerSchticks, Drunken Fighting, Sexy Feints, and so on, all shift and change the nature of the character in neat 44e ways or provide him powerful advantages that, if he’s clever, he can really exploit. It really felt like an interesting game every time, even though I was facing the same Ashigaru and the same bandits.

Nobody’s going to think of that move in the middle of a fight, and there are numerous things that you need to calculate can matial take a -5 to your defense with a riposte? If you have a Judo of 18 and that’s “enough” for Arm Lock, you don’t take the Arm Lock technique, while another fighter might focus almost exclusively on Arm Lock. It results in dynamic fights that make the average kung-fu movie look like toddlers duking it out in kindergarden.

You get distinct fighters within a given style, which means you can get a lot of mileage out of a single style, 4w that’s great. April Japanese edition. I dont suppose I could get a link to your previous post that started this? I highly recommend them, as they make Beats useful for everyone, and it means that you’re taking a calculating risk every time you parry or let someone parry your blade, especially if they’re stronger than you are. What I actually found is that those one-second consequences tend to last, and once you understand how they work, you end up with a game of chess.


Some of these additions are highly realistic, while others are extremely cinematic — but they’re all optional guros, allowing the GM to decide which rules apply. Foot Archery [3], Kyudo gursp. Find More Posts by Joseph Paul.

I also allowed players who were evaluating to make rolls against certain skills or IQ to understand something about their opponent.

It’s true that GURPS has lots of options, but in my experience up to that pointmost of them boil down to configuring your attack and defense into optimal values and wrts using those again and again.

If you want to charge 1 point more for a trick, make it -1 more difficult. Thanks for sharing this excellent post. The second time, it was a different game, with spearmen losing arms and getting disarmed left and right. Now, this caused problems, but it meant that two different styles that both had Judo and Karate were distinct, martal one had X and Y, and the other had A and B.