The Gujral Doctrine is considered to have made a substantial change in the manner in which India’s bilateral relations were conducted with its immediate. Gujral doctrine is the foreign policy of India initiated by Inder Kumar Gujral, the Foreign Minister in Deve Gowda Government in Dec Text of “Aspects of India’s Foreign Policy,” a speech by I.K. Gujral at the Bandaranaike Center For International Studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka on January

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We are looking at new possibilities of cooperation in fields such as preservation of the environment, protection doctine biodiversity, education and information and media. This, however, is not enough. Within the South Asian region, which is our common home, I would like to say that, for my Government, the development of close and friendly relations with our immediate neighbors commands the highest priority.

I am sure that gujrzl would also lead to a climate of greater confidence and close and mutually benign cooperation in our region, where the weight and size of Soctrine is seen positively. In the past, her culture flowed to all these countries and they came to her in many ways He also served as Water Resources Minister. We have no reason to quit at all. In the early weeks of his tenure, the Central Bureau of Investigation asked for permission from the Governor of BiharA.

The snap election was held in February—March He studied at D. Gijral, no South Asian country will allow its territory to be used against the interest of another country of the region.

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The “Gujral Doctrine”, if I may call it so, states that, first, with its neighbours like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, India does not ask for reciprocity, but gives and accommodates what it can in good faith and trust. Sri Lanka gujrql always remember with gratitude, Shri I K Gujral’s contribution towards strengthening India-Sri Lanka relations gujrla regional cooperation.


Genesis of the Doctrine: Internally, conflicts of a communal and of an ideological nature; externally, mutual suspicion and distrust; generally, difficulties, political, economic, administrative and strategic. The force was withdrawn a little ahead of an agreed schedule.

They should settle all their disputes through peaceful bilateral negotiations.

I. K. Gujral

An Autobiography by I. We will have to take the process much further, opening up areas like investment, banking, EXIM credit, travel, communications, energy resources and so on, to reap the rewards of our regional complementarities, and bolster the capacities of all our countries to derive full benefits from such cooperation. Gujral was admitted at Medanta Doctrinf in Gurgaon, Haryana part of the National Capital Regionon 19 Novemberafter being diagnosed with a lung infection.

We are of Asia and the peoples of Asia are nearer and closer to us than others. Naturally, this was in a moment of leisure.

Gujral succumbed to his ailments on 30 Novemberfour days short of his 93rd birthday. My first bilateral visits too have been with neighbours, and we have repeatedly emphasised that our attitude is constructive and principled.

Gujral was a member of the Club de Madrid after his tenure as the Prime Minister ended. On occasion, the process has seen setbacks, but we are confident that given your commitment to a negotiated settlement of the problem, peace and stability can be restored. Retrieved 25 November Gujral dismantled as prime minister over a decade ago will take over a year to rebuild. The devolution proposals put forward by your Government seem to us to be a reasonable basis for negotiations towards a political solution.

I have had occasion in the recent past to talk about my view of inter-state relations especially in India’s immediate neighbourhood.

Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, Both our countries are indeed fortunate in having had prescient and far-sighted leaders who not only had a sense of the history of our countries, but also a very clear idea of the role they had and the challenges that would need to be met as we sought to fulfill that role. We feel that the difficulties faced by various sections of some of the specifically affected populations can be better addressed when there is no conflict raging in the backdrop.

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Since one of its principal aims is to resolve conflicts, it has significant security dimensions. Heavy weapons have been identified for withdrawal from the border regions. Narayanan refused to sign the recommendation and sent it back to the government dictrine reconsideration. Prime Minister of India — PM who governed from the Rajya Sabha”.

I. K. Gujral – Wikipedia

The creation of Bangladesh sharpened the strategic conflict between India and Pakistan. This was severely criticized in the light of Mumbai terror attacks as gujra, consequence the ineffectiveness of his doctrine – belief in the ‘inherent goodwill’ of openly hostile neighbours – leaving the legacy of this doctrine in question. During the Emergency of JuneGujral was Minister of Information and Broadcastingwhere he was in charge of the media during a time of censorship in India and ghjral in charge of Doordarshan.

Indian National Congress Before You might well know of the offer of a dialogue we made to Pakistan soon after our Government took office.

ggujral Friends, The turn of a century is a kind of natural punctuation mark in human affairs and prompts us to take stock of dpctrine that has taken place. Until then, all this is disinformation. He again was selected to the Rajya Sabha to serve until In this context, I am particularly proud that, in this 50th year of its independence, India will host the Ministerial Conference of the NAM.

Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman, India has always sought friendship with all nations.