Fletch (Fletch, #1), Confess, Fletch (Fletch, #2), Fletch’s Fortune (Fletch, #3), Fletch and the Widow Bradley (Fletch, #4), Fletch’s Moxie (Fletch, #5). The acidly funny first book starring the subversive sleuth in one of the most successful mystery series of all time. Fletch is an investigative reporter whose. Son of Fletch [Gregory Mcdonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Fletch learns there are four ex-cons on the loose in his part of the.

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The sequel, however, is another story. The unbelivable way everyone was so willing to tell him anything and believe his lies without any proof. Buy this book Fletch Reflected The Edgars are given yearly to mysteries and like those, including my friend Will Byrnes who watches all the Oscar nominees, I try to read as many Edgar nominees and winners as possible.

Journalism may feed upon itself. I’ve read that the sequels provide diminishing returns, and don’t find that surprising given what a fantastic job Mcdonald did with the first book.

So looking forward to the next Fletch Run.

Fletch and the Widow Bradley 5. This was a quick, fun read that uses snappy dialog effectively. I liked how he talked into the tape recorder and figured things out.


A millionaire businessman named Alan Stanwyk approaches Fletch to fletdh Fletch to murder him; the man tells Fletch that he is dying of bone cancer and wants to avoid a slow, painful death. He was educated at Harvard, paying his own way by operating yachts.

The Buck Passes FlynnMcdonad Even 35 years after its publication, “Fletch” still feels original: McDonald has a somewhat unique style, his stories are almost entirely dialog. His disdain is not towards authority but towards the incompetence the authorities.

Fletch Series by Gregory McDonald

Sounds like the movie, right? Mcdonald has mentioned being intimated by some critics declaring this book a classic instantly upon publication.

A new movie, Fletch Wonis still in development as of In flefch, Mcdonald wrote two novels in the Skylar series and a number of non-series and non-mystery novels. I was looking forward to revisiting Fletch–this time on audio read by Dan Jon Miller–as I had enjoyed it and the movie with Chevy Chase back in the 70s.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Gregody. I guess this character just sort of touched upon all my specifically wrong nerves! This is the only time a novel and its sequel won back-to-back Edgars. Carioca Fletch, Critique: Fletch’s Moxie, Inference: I have all of the original series of books on my shelves, all acquired cheaply after a friend sent me the omnibus edition, fletcb me to check Fletch out.


The prime example of this style is not in a mystery, but in “Lovers and Pantaloons,” the first work in his volume on The Seven Ages of Man, “Exits and Entrances. Trivia About Fletch Fletch, 1. I felt like the author was trying for shock humor but to me it just came across as weird and uncomfortable. Confess, Fletch 3. McDonald wrote 9 in total, as well as a couple of son of Fletch books and a 4 book Flynn series, which apparently is a spin-off featuring a cop we encounter further down the road with our man Irwin Fletcher.

Mar ffletch, Kemper rated it really liked it Shelves: Explore the Home Gift Guide. The author Gregory Mcdonald who won back-to-back Edgars recently passed away. It’s suspicious and little by little the detective it’s together what’s going on. View all 5 comments.