Greasecar kit install Alternative Diesel Fuels (Biodiesel, WVO, SVO, BTL, GTL etc ). Find Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems: Installation DVD A4 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Does anyone have the instructions to install one of these? I have most of the parts I think, minus the T used on the coolant. I Think I understand.

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The time now is The most common diesel passenger vehicles in the US are made by Volkswagen and Mercedes. There is no sulfur content in vegetable oil which eliminates the first major carcinogen associated with diesel fuel. When I got my kit back in March, everything in the box and ready to go. All times are GMT Biodiesel is a chemically engineered fuel, including vegetable oil, petroleum diesel, catalyst chemicals and some form of ester alcohols.

A Greasecar system is for use with straight, unprocessed, new or used vegetable oil. Water in your fuel can ruin your injection system!!

I just installed a vegtherm from plantdrive.

Find More Posts by rez Maui Hawaii TDI s: Send a private message to kwong7. My kit was fine with a couple problems.


They should have coiled it the other way. November 22nd,insta,lation Please note the Fuel Disclaimer. More studies are underway and results will vary depending on engine and tuning. Does anyone have the instructions to install one of these? By the way, son’t expect the greasecar kit to provide enough heat to run vegoil.

How much work is involved in installing a kit? Is there added engine wear using a Greasecar fuel system? Vegetable oil plants absorb more carbon dioxide from the air during their growing cycle than is released when the oil is burned, this means that vegetable oil does not produce excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere this is referred to as carbon neutral.

I couldn’t piece anything together to fit better. Can I use any type of vegetable oil?

VW Golf TDI “Greasecar” for sale – Topic

As long as the oil is filtered and free from water, bacterial and chemical contamination, it can be burned in a Greasecar. Send a private message to vwrobert I am a bit of a prepper and was looking at it from alternative fuel source prospective. I have most of the parts I think, minus the T used on the coolant. I made geasecar own.

Originally Posted by gteasecar View Post. This feature can also be used to bleed air out of fuel lines and is done with a push of a button on your dash without the need to stop the vehicle and open the hood. Originally Posted by SipNFuel You don’t need a different size tee for the coolant connection to the stock hose. Will adding a Greasecar Vegetable Fuel System void my vehicles warranty? The heated coil VWO fuel filter is bent in the worst direction possible Vegetable oil is a compostable gerasecar and will go rancid if exposed to the elements or subject to bacterial contamination.


The Greasecar conversion kit is designed for a do-it-yourself installation. I got to hunt down the correct T fitting size now. The Greasecar system has been installed in thousands of vehicles and logged millions of miles, we have been in research since giving us unmatched expertise in development, research, design and manufacture capabilities.

Long gresaecar they destroy the car, and are considered serious MB diesel heresy by many. Yes, the Greasecar system has been developed to offer more reliable operation and assembled from the highest quality materials and components.