Table Of Contents. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big MeaniesIntroduction: Grammar Snobs Make Good Prison Brides 1. A Snob For All Seasons—Shared. I have to confess, I love grammar. To me, it’s fascinating, not frustrating. I know many people don’t share my passion and that’s okay. But as. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies is a laugh-out-loud funny collection of anecdotes and essays on grammar and punctuation, as well as hilarious critiques.

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But really, there are only two things you need to know about it. It was only partly snbs. Either way, long live June Casagrande. Apr 26, James rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The author did mention some of the most common mistakes which helped me in one way, and surprised me in the other.

One, grizzly bears were so named because brown grizzlies have silver-tipped fur. A refreshing read and able to be got through in one sitting. And if we retreat now, the meanies win.

Large Print Reviews – Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies, by June Casagrande – Audio Book Review

Oct 04, Chelsea rated it liked it Shelves: That said, there’s a snoobs of good information buried in the cartoon references. They would like us to believe that they hold such mystical wisdom, but the truth is greag as clueless as the rest of us.

Lists with This Book. She is funny though, after a while, the “outsider” shtick gets a little old. If you’re looking for a light, witty read on grammar, pick up this book. Grammar Emperors Wear No Grear Casagrande insists that the rules are at best self-evident and at worst ridiculous. Sometimes Casagrande gets too sidetracked with her humor and stories.

However, in the end, it’s not comprehensive enough to be a reference book though in her defense, I don’t think that was author’s intention anyway. A delightfully snarky guide to basic grammar, the examples are hysterical and you will remember them.


Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies: A Guide to Language for PDF ( Free | Pages )

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At its essence it is old-fashioned classism and elitism, and it can be unapologetically so. Sometimes the author tries too hard, but mostly super fun and very funny! More of her writing available here: The grezt snobs are bluffing.

I wondered too if it was written for those individuals me!

While I did appreciate the bottom-line messages of her book trust yourself, and a lot of the time there is no single right answershe didn’t really provide a lot of learning or demonstrate any particular knowle One thing that I find rarely works is when authors think they are very clever and very funny and use that “humor” nonstop. It is condescending while trying to sound friendlyand it makes unnecessary mistakes we can split some infinitives, but Casagrande seems to split them for fun.

The entertainment factor is worth the read alone! I wasn’t questioning their content, but Rgeat was trying to polish it up and make it easier for the reader to understand. Mar 28, Deborah Markus rated it it was amazing.

This book is written to make fun of the people and ggammar those who have the need to grammae correct your every grammar gaff.

Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies

I think that given the topic, Casagrande has done the best possible job that a writer could do. Apr 28, Riku Sayuj rated it liked it Shelves: Their teachers were taught Is it right aee shut people down and exclude them from the conversation because of their lack of exposure to or understanding of the rules of grammar? In doing so, Casagrande makes clear just how unclear modern English grammar is.

Feb 14, Amber rated it it was ok. Jun 23, Tanu Gill rated it liked it. I only note it because I’m not sure that all readers will. Grammarr people want a stern guide to grammar and punctuation that settles all questions finally and convincingly, but there is not obviously any such thing out there. Grammar Snobs is probably the funniest grammar book available. As such, she gives her reader gdammar kind of carte blanche to split infinitives.


Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies: A Guide to Language for

Grammar Snobs does a fantastic job of showing the dissonance between various language authorities. I’m less impressed at her carping about Lynne Truss and other grammar-book authors. This book did grammzr some grammar ambiguities for me while making me laugh out loud at times.

When writing a “Dear John: Thanks for telling us about the problem. And I’m also grateful to know that there isn’t agreement around many grammar ‘rules’.

She doesn’t discuss the historical roots of the issue, but she does get across the central point. Samuel L Jackson Internet comment. Short, cute and a quick summer read. It’s easy to look something up, to find out what all those others will say, and maybe get a chuckle in the process.

The first is that Casagrande doesn’t mind saying that there are plenty of times whe June Casagrande is my personal deity. Some books on this subject are so dry that they could be used in the perfect martini. So referring to a person as grizzled refers to that individual having grayish hair, not to him or her being tough or weathered. The book is not for everyone.

I get this—-and I get the underlying reason for it—-but it does get a bit too overwhelming in some spots. Sep 16, Catherine rated it really liked it Recommended to Catherine by: