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This fact then provides a test for the hypothesis.

Not only are the data approximate, the methods and processes that are applied for getting a numerical solution are also approximate. Thus A and B are said to be associated if they are not independent.

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It may be seen that Q, statifies all the desiderata stated above. In order to test Hq, let us assume, to begin with, that it is true — that, in fact, the population mean of x is [j-f. The frequency dasgjpta of a continuous variable needs special attention. The importance of statistical methods cannot be over-emphasised.

A statistical map of this type is given in Fig. The converse ako is true, as the reader can see for himself. gooh

To avoid the second drawback, one may use what is called probability sampling. Substituting these differences in 2. The transpose of a row vector is a column vector, and conversely.

John Wiley,and Wiley Eastern, This result, together with its converse, which also can be shown to be true, will be useful in solving interpolation problems. So is the median except when there are an even number of observations, and so is the mode except when there are more than one value with the highest frequency or frequency-density.

Among all types of sampling, random sampling is generally preferred on some theoretical considerations. The confidence limits discussed in Chapter 16 also belong to this category.


Obtain the mean and the s. Refer to the result of Exercise 9. It has also to be remembered that a statistician is not interested solely in the group characteristics of the data on hand. But and also Hence C0V. Since the sets of population members included in different samples from the same population may be different, the value of the statistic itself is liable to vary from one sample to another.

In both cases the enquirer will have to remain content with the information gathered from a part of the population only. The absolute error has the dimension of the quaritity, and a better measure of error is given by the dimensionless quantity r, called the relative error, defined by 2.

One point is to be noted in this connection. Thus m tosses of a coin may be looked upon as a set of Bernoullian trials where by success we may mean the appearance of a headwith p—h if the coin is unbiassed.

If the number of classes be too small, each class will be too wide, and this assumption will make the computed value of the measure extremely unreliable.

Calculation of correlation coefficient from grouped data. If a variable a: Relative accuracy of quadrature formulae. Then p is the proportion of members daagupta the population having the character A.

This is another, and the more common, use to which the correlation ratio is put. A statistic T with this property is called a consistent estimator of 6. The data of Table are represented in a ratio chart in Fig. Subsequent calculations are shown in the following table: The digits can be arranged in a total of 7!

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Suppose the values of the variable are given m the form of a frequency table of which one or both of the terminal classes are open the table given in Exercise 6 13 presents a case in point Here the computation of the mean is impossible, gupga the class-marks of those terminal classes are indeterminate.


We similarly define bij for the ranking with respect to the second character.

Method of false position. It would be natural to take one class for each form of an attribute or for each different value of a discrete variable. Moreover, a diagram can give only a rough idea about the magnitude of variations, whereas in a table the exact values may be quoted.

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The necessary calculations are shown below: Thus the coefficient of dasgypta correlation may be looked upon as a measure of the extent to which the total variance may be explained away by the variance between means.

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Again, consider an urn containing two types of objects, a objects of the first type and h of the second. Peas harvested dry decreased by about 9, acres toacres, but a larger area of beans, mainly broad beans and green peas, was grown.

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