Open Pit Scheduling Module In the world of open pit mining, schedules can make the difference between profit and loss. The Gemcom Minex™. Gemcom Minex Tutorial | added by users. David Guetta Sunshine ( David Guetta & Avicii).mp3. Rebel telugu movie free download. Gemcom Software International publishes this documentation for the sole use of Minex licences. Without written permission, you may not sell, reproduce, store in .

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Click the points around the boundary. The text box should now appear similar to the following image. The modules that your licence allows you to use are selected.

You can activate those commands by clicking them. In the Triangle — Compute dialogue box, select Clip on boundary and click Minwx. GM3 and click Display to tutoial the data in the Graphics window. You can use both methods in the same plan. If you move the pointer over the double lines to the left of a group of icons, you see the name of the toolbar.

Enter the information as shown, and click the Calculate Range button. In any scheduling period, choose to view schedules by volume or tonnage. In the example below, the parameters for six dialogue boxes are stored in the parameters file. The Minex setup file runs. This might indicate that some waste material has been piled around the pit. Select the Masks data type and the Mask string type, and then click Ok. Refer to the topics View Toolbar and 3D Navigation in the Minex help for more information about the navigation tools.


You might use the same mount to show 50 different plans, each plan showing something different about the seams or topography in that area.

Requirements Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should ensure you have the following items: Select the seam SW1. After you have started Minex for the first time and then made sure that you have licensed it correctly, you can start Minex just by double-clicking the icon and clicking Accept.


Click Ok in the Triangle Compute dialogue box. After you open a file, a red, blue or a black tick icon appears beside the file. Right-click the plan and click Draft on Mount. How to create a grid from borehole collar data using the grid compute function. You have now created the project. These are conceptual grids that do not take account of weathering or topography. Rectangular box in which you can type text.

To show properties in a separate window, right-click a file, and click Properties. Text that a procedure has instructed you to type. Rotate the wheel backwards to zoom out. The collection of all triangle shapes is stored in a triangle file. With the pointer over the object, press and hold down the left mouse button to select the object. Some classes that you might use are: Unlike spreadsheets and Gantt charts, this module lets you watch an animated play back of your schedule to identify bottlenecks, resource constraints, and allocation imbalances.

Parameters are stored in a file with the. The thtorial are the points. Rotate, pan and zoom in to 3D objects. Click the Grid Cross – Section mnex. Example Button Drop-down arrow Drop-down list Icon Label Text attached to any option, box, button, or to any other element of a window or tutorjal box. There are three tabs at the bottom of the Minex Explorer.


Gemcom Minex Tutorial — Timbaholic Interaction

Set the Local Origin Before you set the local origin, you should choose some coordinates that are close to your data. For advice on setting up a network licence, ask your system administrator.

What the elements of the Minex interface are and what tutoriak are for.

A plan is a horizontal representation of data, like a map. Leave the A1 sheet size ge,com. Loading Data Sets Minex tutorials instruct you to complete tasks on a set of data. Drag in the Graphics window that is, press and hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse. You can save the section by archiving it or by doing a graphics capture. In the Tile Block Plot dialogue box: The Plan toolbar appears.

The Positive volume is the total volume that is below the tops triangle titorial above the pit triangle. If Minex does not perform the way you expect, there might be a message in the status bar that explains the reason.