ABST. Garbhini Paricharya refers to antenatal care wh. Vihar (normal daily activities) and Vichara (psyc pregnant lady should start from the beginning o. uphold a complete caring plan in this regard called GARBHINI PARICHARYA. In Women’s life,. Sagrbhaavastha (pregnancy) is a special event. Systematic supervision (examination and advice) of a woman during pregnancy is called garbhini paricharya (antenatal care). Supervision.

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Normalisation of the urine and stool and their elimination with ease Softening of her skin and nails Promotion of strength and complexion Delivery with ease of a healthy child endowed with excellent qualities in proper time. Notify me of new comments via email.

Garbhini Paricharya (Regimen for the pregnant woman)

A few of them which are still in practice are listed below. It is the need of an gafbhini to have healthy pregnancies in Indian population as the normal nutritional requirements in maternal periods of women in India are not getting fulfilled, so as the malnourished and birth defective children are born. Some suggestions in this regard are as follows: These may cause some congenital defects in the child and are not conducive to the birth of a healthy child, with all the good qualities These can be grouped under two different headings namely aahaara and vihaara.

Regular use of wine or other intoxicants would result in a child with a poor memory and an unstable mind. They are recommended for the pregnant woman right from the first month upto the ninth month of pregnancy. The garbhini paricharya is broadly discussed under three topics: This paper talks about second trimester of pregnancy because in this all organ starts to appear according to Ayurvedic Samhitas and modern aspects also.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Some of these desires are very strong. They can also be used in the treatment and prevention of abortion. Basthi is broadly of two types – anuvaasana basthi garbhiini enema and aasthapana basthi corrective enema.

Therefore this is a small effort to find out the exact concept of Garbhini Paricharya given by Aacharya sushruta is nutritionally a complete supplement for Garbhini. It forms one of the panchakarmas which are the five types of eliminative therapies. Monthwise dietary regimen As there is a constant development of the embryo there would also be difference garbhino its requirements of food and nutrition.


In such cases one should use one’s “yukthi” of power of reasoning, so as to fulfill her desire and at the same time render it harmless.

Ghruta is agnideepak, that will help for kshudha vruddhi and ultimately will increase intake. Desires of the mother are said to have some relationship with the character of the child. Ayurveda has given proper regimens of diet and life style in during different stages of pregnancy.

Having understood this change in requirements, the Aayurvedic Aachaaryaas have given in detail the monthwise dietetic regimen. It is reported in Maharashtra, Uttar Parichzrya, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu that the woman is allowed to do her normal daily household chores and some specify that she should not exert herself too much by carrying heavy loads or by running 8.

Garbhini Paricharya

According to our Aachaaryaas the foetus grows upto a period of four months the ” chetna” or the life gets associated with the foetus and this causes the longings of the mother.

Lying on the back supine positioncarrying water from the well or peeping into pits and wells are also prohibited. Softening of placenta aparapelvis, waist, sides of the chest and back Downward movement of vaatha vathaanulomana – this is needed for the normal expulsion of foetus during delivery. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Execessive hard work is prohibitted for pregnant woman, because over exertion may lead to abortions or other complications.

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These in turn may lead on to aamaja garbha sravam abortion due to aama. You are commenting using your Twitter account. As we have mentioned earlier this practice is sound and aachaaryaas have proscribed sex during pregnancy. Cooked shasti a variety of rice with curds, pleasant food, mixed ggarbhini milk and butter and meat of wild animals Sus.

Ghruta is ideal for improving iintelligence, memory and ingenuity, digestion, long life and eyesight.


Garbhini Paricharya (Regimen for the pregnant woman)

Basthi in general is the therapy of choice to eliminate vitiated vaatha. It is given in Mansanumasik Garbhini Paricharya which is mentioned in Ayurvedic Samhitathe regime for the pregnant women.

A Follow up of such regimen starting from first month of pregnancy till the day of full term delivery. In this paper we are giving a broad expanse of the month wise diet, which can be modified according to the age, season, place, constitution paricharyx the digestive fire of the pregnant woman. This is so because all other aspects depend on this phase.

The maasaanumaasika pathya help in: Though these symptoms have been mentioned and described, there seems to be no understanding of its actual cause.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Third month In the third month she should take milk with honey and ghee Cha. During the fourth month there is solidification and the development of the limbs.

It changes in accordance with the growth of the fetus in the womb and at the same time ensures health of the mother. Fifth Month Ghee prepared with butter extracted from milk Ksheera sarpis and food similar to that of the fourth month should be given except that, ghee is given mixed with milk instead of butter.

Drugs of the jeevaneeya gana can also be used in a similar way. These are healthy practices and have a rationale.

A similar practice is observed in other areas also. Abstract It is the need of an hour to have healthy pregnancies in Indian population as the normal nutritional requirements in maternal periods of women in India are not getting fulfilled, so as the malnourished and birth defective children are born.

Out of three trimesters of pregnancy in second trimester nutrition need are higher than estimated nutrition requirement for non pregnant women which is less in first trimester.