The Wish-Fulfilling Gem of the Noble Teachings. By Gampopa “Anyone who knows the Jewel Ornament well can say that they really understand Buddhism. Teachings from Gampopa’s Jewel Ornament of Liberation the Karmapa began teachings on The Jewel Ornament of Liberation (literally, The. Teachings via video conference by PAVA. The Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa. Given Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa (Teaching in Tibetan with.

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The Jewel Ornament of Liberation: The Wish-Fulfilling Gem of the Noble Teachings by Gampopa

The Perfection of Perseverance Chapter Either way it becomes the actual commission of the act. The mother taught us how to eat when we did not know how. Includes teachings on Buddha-nature, finding the spiritual master, impermanence, karma, cultivation of bodhicitta, development of the six perfections, the ten bodhisattva bhumis, Buddhahood, and the activities of the Buddha.

If they had no other jobs to do, they were allowed to stay on after the Kagyu Monlam for this gathering of nuns.

The Jewel Ornament of Liberation

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. But, this could then raise a difficulty, because harsh speech is motivated by the afflictions. They are the same in this.

Next the Karmapa explored the five aspects that must be present in a non-virtuous action—conception, affliction, intention, preparation, and completion—in more detail. A masterwork of Tibetan Buddhism–providing yampopa complete foundation for study and practice–from beginning to Buddhahood.


The perfection of meditative concentration Chapter Kelly feaster rated it really liked it Jun 24, The question is that if you rejoice when someone else kills on your behalf, do you yourself incur the actual commission of that act?

I’ll read it over and over as part of my practice. For the first time, this sometimes difficult text is made accessible to Western readers in a clear and engaging commentary.

If we can come to an understanding of karma cause and effect like this, it will not only help us understand Buddha Dharma, but also benefit us in gampopaa human life as well. Recollect repeatedly the suffering of samsara and release attachment to this life. Susan Hadler rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Here we need to distinguish between harsh speech, and harsh speech that is non-virtuous.

In order to teach the dharma truly, we need experience in our being, for uewel then are the instructions no longer dry—they become rich and moist. Renouncing worldly life, he took the vows of a monk and devoted himself to studying the stages of the path as taught in the sutras, and cultivated the aspiration to benefit all beings impartially.

Path to Buddhahood: Teachings on Gampopa’s Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Ringu Tulku

If you aspire to perfect Buddhahood, abide in a solitary place. For example, the Pratimoksa vows primarily emphasize the antidotes for desire, the Bodhisattva vows mainly emphasize the antidotes for hatred and aversion, while the Vajrayana vows emphasize the antidotes for ignorance.


For example, creating negative karma: Markus Johansson ofnament it it was amazing Aug 19, Sep 01, Ermina Williams rated it it was amazing. Kinga Dabrowska rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Drikung rated it really liked it Aug 17, Stephen Cronin added it Aug 28, On one occasion, he perceived his cave to be filled with deities.

Gampopa. Jewel Ornament of Liberation

They would only ask these questions of the Buddha. Alicia rated it it was amazing Mar 21, So we need to distinguish whether the conception is accurate or not.

No trivia or quizzes yet. For the lies that become jewwel of the four defeats, these are about having supreme human qualities.

At the same ornwment, the work is of such profound depth that scholars and practitioners can study it over and over and still not fully grasp its meaning. Finally, he reached the feet of Milarepa, who accepted him as a disciple. Quotes from The Jewel Ornamen This is the most important treatise written by Gampopa the Physician Sgam po Lha rje, jjewelfor it combines the instructions of two great rivers—the kadampa and mahamudra lineages.

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