Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City by One of the surprises in Greg Grandin’s compelling new book is just. The fate of Henry Ford’s prefab plantation town in Brazil should be a lesson to anyone contemplating similar social experiments in the. Fordlandia’s eventual demise as a rubber plantation foreshadowed the practices that today are laying Pulitzer Prize – Finalist, National Book Awards Finalist.

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Fordlandia was an attempt to establish a rubber plantation in the Amazon, along with a model town: Automotive industry Ford Brazil holidays features.

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No matter how exploited the Amazonian tapper, the price of producing rubber in large estates was considerably lower than what it cost to extract it from wild groves.

He exalted the dignity of the worker and fashioned himself a scourge of the “capitalist” but was violently opposed to unionism And he was a radical pacifist who once conceded that one last great war might be needed to finally bring about world disannament.

It is sad that the energy that went into this fordlansia no fordlndia. Unlike nineteenth-century British writers who lamented the coming of industrialization, Henry Ford saw the machine not as defiling the garden but rather as harmonizing with it. Yet events probably conspired to make it a more cruel lesson for the complex and curious figure who inspired it than it need have been. One doctor who accompanied a team of Sao Paulo medical students on a visit to the town in said contemporary Fordlandia residents who are sick have two options: The Amish like it too.

Hevea was forelandia to grow closer together in Asia, and later Africa, because the insects and fungi that feed off rubber didn’t exist in that part of the world. This is what history tells us. Nov 04, Bill Laine rated it really liked it. Jun 17, Emily marked it as to-read. Unemployment skyrocketed in cities and families went hungry. I’ve built little factories along the little rivers.


Revenue from rubber — tapped and processed by cheap coolie labor — helped Amsterdam, London, and Paris bind their colonies in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Indochina tighter into their imperial system, with the profits from the sale of latexhelping England and France pay off their war debt.

One irate online respondent wrote: They wanted frodlandia know if workers had ins urance and how they s pent their money and free time.

Ford heard of the debt peonage, amounting to slavery, in the gathering of rubber in the Amazon. Jun 04, Your Excellency rated it really liked it Shelves: In Dallas, Texas, for instance, Bennett converted the Ford plant’s champion tug-of-war team into a security unit, headed by one “Fats” Perry, who by his own estimation handed out scores of savage beatings.

Ford still paid better than most industrial companies, but forflandia came to rely on two quite different tactics to increase productivity and enforce labor discipline in his far-flung Michigan empire. Did one man really try to do fordlandiaa

Fordlandia: the Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City by Greg Grandin

He was a suffragist who didn’t offer women the same five-do llar-a-day wage he did men. You want to find a town taken off the maps a century ago? Fordlandia’s most striking building is set backfromthe river, on a knoll about half a mile in.

But Ford did fuse these two ideas together as never before, perfecting the idea of a factory as a complex system of ever more integrated subassembly processes.

Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City by Greg Grandin

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. As at the Rouge, Iron Mountain managers and chemists pursued a restless quest to recycle all waste products. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.


Want to Read saving…. Ford thought soy’s most promising food use would be as vegetable shortening, oleomargarine, and, of course, milk, which would allow him once and for all to eliminate cows.

This sounds like an urban legend gone bad do any go good? He is dangerously wrong. In Februaryhe convened a “national conference of rubber, automotive, and accessory manufacturers. In a lengthy dispatch from the field, Smith described his near lethal encounter with the “King of the Xingu” — a rich and ruthless rubber baron on the Xingu River who “typifies the feudal tyranny of plantation methods in Brazil just as his new competitor” Heniy Ford “typifies North America’s industrial enterprise.

The author provides a well-balanced view of the creation, development and decline of Fordlandia, and also of Ford’s life, work and ideals.

Zero, the street-performance name of antihunger activist Urbain Ledoux, who would later be known for staging “slave auctions” of unemployed workers in the Boston Common. Highland Park had become a machine itself, which by the midteens was dedicated to making one cheap yet sturdy thing: Anyone with an interest in the idealism of Ford and the epic struggles of building a city in the jungle would probably enjoy the book as long they are accepting of the epic journey required of the reader In New York, another start-up cashed in by selling twenty-foot lots of land.