Forbidden Love [Norma Khouri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But Norma Khouri is a fake, and so is Forbidden Love. With Australian sales approaching ,, the book told of her lifelong friendship with a. Norma Khouri, author of the best-selling book,. Forbidden Love, was revealed as a literary hoax. Now, as a new documentary about. Norma premieres in.

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Although the lovers are only able to be alone together on a handful of occasions and Dalia’s virginity remains intact, her father is so enraged when he hears of the affair from her older brother khorui he kills her two months after her twenty-sixth birthday.

It does still take place, it is a horrible thing, and it should be known about. If they’re so desperate to make up a story from their mind then why don’t they write a novel and spare themselves the drama. Growing up in Jordan, I was aware of the Honor Killings that nnorma occurred in the past. Their plans of marriage, committment, and a happy family-life were cut short by Dalia’s father’s thirst for revenge as her ‘honor’ was violated by these innocent meetings.

However once the story gets started its addictive. Denied by her father That would however, certainly explain her need to keep up a facade, or maybe multiple facades.

Bestseller on honour killing ‘is a fake’

It’s important to note that the laws forbiddn Jordan are ultimately the same as it pertains to the “honor and reputation” of families and women. When I first read it, it was believed to be a true story.

And lying in the name of khpuri is unacceptable. But I can only do that in exchange for your help. There are women around the world that are prejudged and misunderstood by extremists, that is the truth the books has told.


Forbidden Love (novel) – Wikipedia

Doubleday- True Crime – pages. That, to me, is unforgivable. Dec 12, Liz Neale rated it really liked it. She didn’t heroically make a stand for women’s rights which forced her out of the country of her birth, unless she was an oddly feminist 3 year old.

carolineoverington | Norma Khouri – Literary Fake

Hardcoverpages. The cynical maintain, however, that her book was born not out of compassion or experience but purely to cash in on interest in Arab ways of life and thought. I will leave my 4 stars as that’s how I felt about it at the time, but, based on this new information I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I signed the bonds. She explained it as the result of studying at the American school in the Jordanian capital, Amman, where teaching is in English. I struggled with this unbalanced and preachy portrayal.

I felt so much empathy for Norma, thinking about my own close friendships and how I would react to what happens. The novel centers on the life of Dalia, a young Muslim woman living in AmmanJordan.

The horrifying reality is that the courts and laws in Jordan support this “honor killing” and no one can do anything about it. Ironically this would have given her book the credibility she craved and have enabled an open discussion about how far it reflected real life in Jordan. A well told and touching story although I didnt see the need to target a religion when the problem is cultural.

Account Options Sign in. These ancient, barbaric rules are hard for Western society to imagine and even more so, difficult for us to believe they still take place today, and yet, they do.


According to documents obtained by the Herald, a man called John Closterides told Chicago police in that he had a “romance” with Norma Bagain. In July — a year after the book’s release — Sydney Morning Herald literary editor Malcolm Knox wrote a series of articles which exposed Khouri as a complete fraud: I have completed this book in a day.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She said she was involved with people who were guilty of “theft, fraud, counterfeiting, arson, money laundering, murder, extortion”. Forbidden Lo Forbidden Love was a very good book because it made me more aware of some of the injustices that are taking place to women around the world especially in Muslim countries.

It empowers me to want to find ways I can help, if I could help, rorbidden women who will be going through similar situations. But Dalia was not one of them, said Ms Husseini. I never dreamed that my time with her would be cut short, or that my life would be a journey down this path, but I realize that she left me with a mission This is the story of an Honor Killing of an innocent woman.

You of course know what is going to happen but you still hope beyond hope that it won’t, and when it does, your heart breaks alongside Norma Khouri. This books is in all means nothing close to the truth.