This is our collection of freestyle footbag moves, collected over the years and contributed by various footbag players. Thanks in large part go to Adrian Dick. This hacky sack expert will show you a variety of different moves and tricks as well as introduce you to a few different games to play in the footbag hobby. Footbag, more commonly known as Hacky Sack (a name trademarked by and stalls used that form the foundation kicking with a group or performing tricks.

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Stepping Ducking PS Whirl 7 adds. It is easiest to point the knee straight down and bend the support leg slightly for balance.

Hacky Sack Tricks List

Perform a series of moves with a panel of judges friends who rate the performance like an Olympic event. Fury Barraging Paradox Mirage 5 adds. Drop the bag to the front and again, cradle the bag by lowering the foot a couple of inches.

Paradox Symposium Mirage 4 adds.

Then hop off the right leg as you bring the left leg down- bringing the right leg over the top of the footbag to land a right toe delay. That is all it is to the knee delay. Fun Games for Boys. A cross body sole kick. Stepping Osis 4 adds. End the move by catching the bag on a left foot clipper.

Fairy Whirl 4 adds. Set the footbag from your right foot clipper and switch your support leg raise your left leg as you plant the right foot. Symposium Blizzard 5 adds. Either in to out or out to in. Spinning Paradox Mirage 4 adds. From a right toe delay circle the footbag quickly with your right leg from in to out pixie. The footbag must pass behind the head- ie. Contacts are usually on the inside of the foot behind the opposite support leg clipper trikcs or on the toe, however many inventive possibilities remain and are used to create a near-endless list of tricks.


Competitors have to execute as many unique, difficult tricks in a 30 second period as possible. No no, I am surely not telling you to betray someone! From a right toe delay- set the bag straight up- then quickly bring your left leg over the footbg from out to in- to tap the ground on the right side of the bag- before bringing the same leg back over the bag from in to out- ending on a right toe delay. Delay the footbag on the top of the thigh. If a player gets hit and then continues to keep the sack in the air a “save”the hit doesn’t count and the game continues.

Now while wrapping the footbag complete a degree spin towards the support leg. Set the footbag from a right clipper and do an in to out dexterity with your left leg. Fun Games to Play When Bored. Trickks Over 2 adds. From a right clipper stall plant the right leg quickly- hop off the trickw leg and bring it around the footbag from in to out twice.

Some championship-caliber freestyle foot-baggers only have a couple years’ experience, but they practice daily. Play hacky sack This hacky sack expert will show you a variety of different moves and tricks as well as introduce you to a few different games to play in the footbag hobby.


Paradox Da Da Curve 5 adds. Set a clipper delay across your body- bring the setting leg from behind the support leg around the footbag in a Paradox Whirl motion. Double Pickup 3 adds. From a right clipper delay bring the left leg over the footbag by turning your hips to the left. From a right foot clipper- quickly plant the right foot and bring the left leg over the bag from in to out. Pass a leg over the footbag from in to out then footbab and kick the footbag with the inside surface of the support leg.

Double Blender 5 adds. The only piece of equipment needed to play Pogo Paradox Whirl 5 adds. The player simply stalls the Hacky Sack on the knee. Flux Atomic Osis 4 adds. You can make this bag using just some mini paper lunch sacks at the grocery store, plus a few extra pa Paradox Whirl 4 adds.

Footbag Move List:

Or “Shred 30” is purely technical. Pixie Paradon 5 adds. This is where the footbag stops on part of the body. Then swirl the footbag with the right foot landing on the left leg. Wind Up tircks by: