Commonly Requested Forms Available on the FMS Web Site To inquire about the availability of forms not listed on these pages, please use our online. Fill Fms Form , download blank or editable online. Chapter 2 May SUMMARY OF MAJOR CHANGES TO DoD R, VOLUME 5, CHAPTER 2 . Related Content – signature card fms Commonly Requested Forms Available on the FMS Web Site To inquire about the availability of forms not listed on.

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Terminal Learning Objectives Action: Change of account holder Battalion Commander change of command Reactivation of a temporarily closed disbursing office. Prepare 5538 SFStatement of Accountability. Documented evidence must include certification that the DO or primary deputy personally reviewed the balances in the account within the last month.

What are 2 scenarios which require a transfer of accountability? Ofrm the visual recognition system for identifying persons requesting entry to the office. FM Leaders fsm a classroom environment working as a member of a small group, using doctrinal and administrative publications, self-study exercises, personal experiences, practical exercises, handouts, and discussion.

Auth with social network: Sign here, in form to be used on checks: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Treasury checks and prepare a letter of transfer for them.

Specimen signatures, verify security, notify agencies, appointment orders, DFAS memorandum. The relieving Tms is responsible for reporting all checks issued by the relieved officer not reported to the Treasury prior to the transfer of accountability and for resubmitting any rejected tapes containing data on checks issued by the relieved officer.


Prepare a Plan to Transfer Accountability – ppt download

In the last lesson, we learned how to prepare an SFStatement of Accountability. This block of instruction is the first of two accountability disbursing operation classes. Prepare a plan 558 transfer accountability at the FM Support Unit level Prepare a plan to transfer accountability at the detachment level. Take action as the relieving Disbursing Agent: Verify Flrm presented to the bank but not yet processed. What form would you submit to DFAS to finalize your account?

Facilitator read and facilitate discussion on areas below First thing to do is execute the plan if one of these conditions exists. Paying agent and cashier procedures.

Talk to fomr outgoing Deputy DO or Disbursing Agent about perceived problems, strengths, and weaknesses. Both the outgoing and incoming DOs sign the letter of transfer. Verify any safekeeping deposits.

What are 5 steps to complete as the incoming Disbursing Officer? The last check receipted for should be the same as the last check number previously ordered and received by the relieved officer.

Prepare a Plan to Transfer Accountability

Execute the plan if one of these conditions exists Time of Instruction: All required references and technical manuals will be provided by the School House. Verify all other documents supporting the final SF TFS Form 2.


Facilitator Read and facilitate discussion The outgoing DO ensures that all actions listed in this section are accomplished, documented, and verified before transferring accountability: Change of account holder, relief of DO, activation of a new disbursing office, and reactivation of a temporarily closed foem. Review on-hand cash requirements for adequacy. Review losses of funds cases.

We think you have liked this presentation. Appoint deputy DO, agents, cashiers, etc.

The incoming and outgoing DA must jointly: Facilitator Read and facilitate discussion How to determine a transfer of accountability condition exists: Terminate all appointment orders and clear DD s. Ask the following Questions; Facilitate discussion on answers given Q: Notify all activities and agencies of account holder change.

Always be alert to ways to protect our environment during training and missions. Memo to DFAS with last check issued Transfers custody of Check-signing machine to Incoming Verifies balances in suspense accounts are properly documented. Failure to provide the information may affect the accreditation of the individual.