ODS (on-disk structure) is a number representing version of the database physical layout structure. When a new feature is added to the Firebird it might or might. In simple words, ODS (On-Disk Structure) is a number of database file format for the particular Firebird or InterBase RDBMS version. Almost all. Map the engine version to native ODS version using Firebird documentation or a bare bone database and extracts the ODS version with direct file access.

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Then you can try to create a database from corrected script at the new server. Under these conditions, there will be no problems opening existing databases with the new Firebird sub-release. Maximum os size is increased to 2 32 pages previously 2 31 pages.

All Firebird and InterBase On-Disk-Structure (ODS) versions – Firebird News

There’s no way to know it upfront. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Prior to Firebird 3. With the above technique, future versions of the Firebird server will also work, without the need to update the software. To learn more, visit our add content page. The difference between ODS major or minor can be huge, or small. By using and further navigating this oes you accept this.

Did you see this question? In the initial release, a database with an older ODS cannot be opened by Firebird 3. Connect to any database that you can Check the engine version – http: Example ODS on-disk structure version is a number representing version forebird the database low-level data layout structure ODS. The Implementation ID in the ODS of a database is deprecated in favour of a new field in database headers describing hardware details that need to match in order for the database to be assumed to have been created by a compatible implementation.

  ASTM E2412 PDF

If it does, the ODS number must increase. Databases created with bit and with bit builds of Firebird 1. If your program can ensure those requirements, then it can work. When firebrd new feature is added to the Firebird it might or might not require the structure of system tables database metadata to change.

The implemented solution has no additional storage overhead until the transaction counters grow beyond the 2 32 boundary. Changes to System Tables. Historically, transaction ID space was limited to 2 31 transactions, counted from the time the database was created.

delphi – Querying ODS version in use from the Firebird Server – Stack Overflow

IB 7 would not open FB 2 database and vice versa – they have firdbird internal formats ODSwhile both now separate projects gave them the same version number. Operating system user name. Map the engine version to native ODS version using Firebird documentation or knowledge base articles like http: So, the minor upgrade of ODS makes incompatible databases within same major server version.

Starting with Firebird 3. To ensure quality, each change is checked by our editors and often tested on live Firebird databasesbefore it enters the main FAQ database. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. We use cookies to make your experience of our websites better. Check the engine version – http: Do you find this FAQ incorrect or incomplete?

What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

Changes to Client Address Reporting. When a new feature is added to Firebird it might or might not require the structure of database pages or system tables database metadata to change. Our company offers the comprehensive migration service for the complex Firebird databases. For non-Windows and non-Intel-Linux platforms, developers could not perform all the required checks. To retrieve it you can use the Firebird API, or simply use the tool that reads it for you it’s on properties page of each database in FlameRobin.


User and password here unnecessary, because gstat with —h option just read physical part of the database header page, number 0. If you desire so, the changes will be credited to your name.

All Firebird and InterBase On-Disk-Structure (ODS) versions

For example, ODS 9. Example of use “Database Properties” in: However, with Interbase 6.

How to return to the previous version of Firebird or InterBase Sometimes, you may require performs a downgrade and return back from the new server. If you only have remote connection to the server and you can log into the database, but you have no access to the database file itself, then starting with Firebird 2.

As it was said before, the last common was ODS 10, and since then Firebird 2.

This number is checked upon connection, so that server makes sure it can ‘understand’ the database structure.

For Named Pipes a.