With contrapuntal intelligence, SmartScore differentiates up to 4 voices per staff. Apply a Not sure which Edition of SmartScore is right for you? Finale Users. How do I scan in sheet music to Finale. have the older version, as a Finale owner, you can purchse SmartScore X2 Pro for half price, $ I understand that Finale 25 will no longer support scanning. You can upgrade SmartScore Lite from to SmartScore X2 Pro for $

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Bad recognition results after scanning? Precise resolution means better accuracy Higher resolutions do not necessarily equate to higher accuracy. SmartScore may recognize lead sheets or hand-written scores provided the notation approximates offset printed sheet music.

SmartScore FAQs

If you’re purchasing a new scanner, we recommend considering Canon or Epson scanners and all-in-one printers. Send it to us! Push “OK” to apply. Some of today’s scanner-printers, especially the low-cost models, are limited to smzrtscore at discrete resolutions e. Be advised that it may take up to 3 days to receive a reply.

Click here to see how to scan your music using Image Capture. Scan each page between and dpi in Grayscale or “Document” mode. As of OS TOP Recognition accuracy is not what I expected. How do I download it again?


Contacting Technical Support:

Click the “Margins” menu selector and change to “Center on Page”. Open the notation program it must support MusicXML and import your saved. The file will convert and open in the Image Editor. Avoid scores having broken, faded or segmented note stems and staff lines.

SmartScore’s scanning smartxcore includes: When printing my score on “normal-sized” paper, the music is too large for the paper. Dithering results in tiny holes shot through the black part of the image. In fact, we recommend you uninstall your previous version of SmartScore prior to installing the upgrade.

De-skew your image files SmartScore may be able to correct skewed or slightly rotated images during scanning, but it’s not always fool-proof. Then push “Begin recognition” Some customers have had success using ScanVue; a 3rd party scanning solution: Re-scan with “Reverse Image” selected in SmartScore interface.

Choosing the best scanner for SmartScore

It’s possible your scanner “interpolated” a specific resolution by scanning at a fixed resolution and increasing or descreasing the SIZE of the page. There are more than one way to “skin a cat” You can send us your problem files whether you’re using the demo or the full product. The procedure is simple but must be followed correctly. Attach them to e-mail and be sure to include a daytime telephone number so we can reach you by phone.


All-in-One scanners have their own special issues I need to reinstall SmartScore. Install the new drivers and reboot your computer. Phone support may not always be available during those times Then push “Begin recognition”.

When you have finished, save and name the PDF file to your desktop or easily accessible location. Updates are also included in the 5-count. This smartsore be fixed in a future maintenance update. Here’s our Windows scanning video.

For more information, contact tech musitek. Do a search for the word “Chopin”.

Finale Forum

For more details, review ” Scanning outside SmartScore “. Background is black and notes are white.

First thing to do if you are running Windows You’ll be a happy music-scanner if you do! You may use the software that came with your scanner as an alternative.