Studies by Washabau, et al. have shown that in naturally occurring cases of feline megacolon, sections of longitudinal and circular smooth muscle of all parts of. Constipation is defined as the infrequent or difficult evacuation of stool. It is a common problem in cats, may be acute or chronic and does not. Megacolon occurs more frequently in cats than dogs and is usually seen in middle-aged to geriatric cats. The ascending, transverse, and.

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Because enema solutions containing sodium phosphate may cause severe electrolyte disturbances in cats, these solutions should never be used in this species.

Feline idiopathic megacolon is a relatively common colonic disorder characterized by severe distention of the colon. Inhibition of Maturation of Oocytes. Much more rare causes include cancer and inflammation.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of feline idiopathic megacolon.

Chronic fecal impaction results in mucosal ulceration and inflammation and risk of perforation. This distinction is critical in considering treatment plans as well as prognosis. Blood Glucose in Persian Cats. A study 36 demonstrated that the entire colon is likely histologically affected and any amount of colon remaining following subtotal colectomy may continue to dilate, potentially resulting in recurrence of clinical signs.

Pelvic canal stenosis and nerve injury are minor causes in the development of this syndrome. Tuberculosis in African Buffalo. In almost two-thirds of the cases, the condition is termed “idiopathic megacolon” because the cause cannot be found, however, it is thought to be due to an abnormality in the smooth muscle of the large intestine.

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Mineral oil ml PO q24h or petrolatum hairball remedies, ml PO q24h are best suited to mild cases of constipation.

Feline Idiopathic Megacolon

Constipation actually refers to a condition in which the time it takes for the ingested food to travel through the digestive system is prolonged. Sodium and Water Balance. Coil Embolyzation for PDA. If the cat has pelvic or nerve injuries, urinary incontinence may be seen. Studies 12,13 have shown that dietary supplementation with short-chain fatty acids improves colonic smooth muscle contraction in both cats and dogs. Pork is rarely found in commercial dog foods, if he is allergic to pork only then any dry biscuits available will be pork free unless it says otherwise on the label.

Histologic studies fail to show significant abnormalities in density or morphology of ganglia. Some feel that a sedentary lifestyle may contribute to the development of constipation and ultimately megacolon.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of feline idiopathic megacolon.

Liver Diseases and Pathology. Infertility in the Bitch. Just feed him a high quality Rectal suppositories see Box are available to manage mild constipation, but their use requires an amenable pet and compliant pet owner.

As the condition becomes more severe, the appetite may be decreased and weight loss is often noted. Check out the most popular related products. Veterinarians may request cisapride from compounding pharmacists. Many cats have one or two episodes of constipation without further recurrence, although others progress to complete colonic failure.

Back to Feline Medicine Feline Medicine. Emollient laxatives enhance lipid absorption and impair water absorption by altering the miscibility of water and lipid in ingesta. Another medication called ” lactulose ” may also be administered.

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In addition, a diet that is highly digestible and will result in less fecal material should be used instead of the fiber-supplemented diet. In the cat with hypertrophic megacolon, there may be a known history of trauma resulting in pelvic fracture. Surgery should be done before bowel wall and patient health are compromised and debilitated.

Appropriate analgesics should be used as necessary during the perioperative period. In general, the prognosis is favorable, although some cats may experience diarrhea for weeks to months after the surgery.

Dietary Management of GI Disease. No Excuse for Pain. The cat may require several anesthesias as he receives enemas to remove the hardened fecal material. Similar in vitro effects have been characterized in canine cardiac Purkinje fibers, but in vivo effects have not been reported in dogs and cats. Radiology of Abdominal Trauma. A baseline serum T4 should be checked in obstipated kittens suspected of being hypothyroid.

Emollient laxatives are anionic detergents that increase the miscibility of water and lipid in ingesta, enhancing lipid absorption and impairing water absorption. If there megaclon severe straining, mucous or blood may be passed. The term “obstipation” refers to prolonged constipation. Feline idiopathic megacolon is characterized by generalized colonic dysfunction manifesting as severe colonic dilation and fecal impaction. Cisapride is in a class of medications called “colonic prokinetic agents.

Long-term use may result in myenteric neuron damage. Balancing the Gut Flora.

Achieve and maintain optimal hydration 2.