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Airmen (Pilots, Mechanics, others) Forms. Airmen Certification; Flight Planning. Flight Plan; Pre-Flight Pilot Checklist and. The FAA will implement flight plan filing for civil aircraft using a format that aligns with The new format appears on FAA Form , FAA International Flight. Department of Defense flights who may continue to use the format prescribed in FAA Form , and sub part b, c, and d (below) do not.

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Proposed Departure Time Field The first character of the identification must be a letter. Consists of five or seven characters followed by a space character. The suffix is appended to the entry fix. If remarks Field 11 are present, a space is required after the last element of Field The official airway designator must be filed.

Message Type Field 72331, the field to be faw must be identified, then the amended information given.

FAA Form 7233-1

Any time a subsequent end of line becomes necessary, if used within Field 10, it must be preceded by the appropriate element separator not a space. CM messages may be entered only for the period for which the departure ARTCC’s program is adapted, normally 5 minutes. Some fields contain the necessary functions to operate the computer data terminal adapters and are designated by alpha characters.

Aircraft data within the field may vary from one-to-three elements consisting of: Such contacts permit significant information to be passed to the transition aircraft and also serve to check the progress of the flight should it be necessary for any reason to locate the aircraft.


Preamble Line Field B. The prime consideration of these types of messages must be the readability of the transmitted data. Consists of nine-to-twelve characters entered as follows: If the optional letter is omitted, west is understood. We all know that when you fly an IFR flight you must have a flight plan in the system, and you must have been issued a clearance before you enter controlled airspace. faq

Spaces are permitted within the remarks field to separate words or contractions. You normally do this through the FSS that serves your departure airport, but if communication difficulties prevent this, call another FSS.

The letters FP followed by a space character.

The route of flight consists of departure point or pickup point PUPthe route of flight, and normally a destination followed by a fas character. Route of Flight Field Remarks for flight plans filing a terminal area delay must contain the airport identifier at which the delay will occur, followed by the letter D, followed by the duration of the delay in hours plus minutes, followed by the destination airport.

Start of Message Code Field A. Consists of a six-digit date-time group and the eight-character originator identifier. Aircraft Identification Field Be aware that as of November 15,the appropriate equipment suffixes for FAA Form have changed.

It must be a fix, not an airway. If a change of altitude stratum is indicated, transmit separate messages as in subparas a or b. Coded 7233-11 are a shorthand method of describing a route segment or segments which may have an altitude profile described, an adapted airspeed within the route, reentry or loop routes as an option, or a time delay at a fix within the route as an option.


Flight Plans: Don’t Leave Home Without One — Jeppesen

Do not exceed the stated maximum number of characters or elements allowed for each field in messages addressed to an ARTCC computer. The sender has primary responsibility for corrective action. Other flight plans in error are referred to a Primary A 77233-1.

For the flight plan to take effect, you must activate or open it. If you do not close or cancel your flight plan within 30 minutes after your scheduled arrival time, you will receive a phone call from the FSS. For manual entry into Service B, one space character must be entered at the end of each data field. Items 12 through 17 must be retained by the FSS or in the operational system and be available upon request. Adhere to a fixed order of data. Before departure, transmit the information to the original addressees plus any new addressees.