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I’m certain that these errors aren’t Dr. Waldron is stating the position of the Confession, and so is doing his job – and indeed I have no doubt that he genuinely believes that the Confession is correct. Apr 23, Chuck cnfesion it really liked it Shelves: Waldron obviously holds to a permissive view of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, but he didn’t get it from the Confession and therefore I felt he was out of place including this view with reference to the Westminster where the was silent.

I can only imagine how confused this chapter would leave someone who came to it not understanding the various views and hoping for clarification. This exposition was originally published In this extensive exposition, the author, Sam Waldron, shows that the ” Confession is a masterly statement of the historic Christian faith.

He writes in a direct and lucid style that will help ministers, students and laymen alike to a clear understanding of this Confession and to its relevance and application to our modern age. These are some the briefest chapters in the Confession yet the longest in Waldron’s exposition. Finally, Waldron has provided study questions for each chapter which might be a great tool in a Sunday School class or home study or something like that.

More common are certain spelling errors – not words whose spelling is incorrect, but words that have the correct spelling but are the wrong words. Matthew Pritt rated it it was amazing Dec 31, In this extensive exposition, the author, Sam Waldron, shows that the ” Confession is a masterly statement of the historic Christian faith. Timothy rated it it was ok Dec 10, The Confession holds, and Dr.


This was the confession which the Particular Baptists used for another years or so, and was the confession which Charles Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle adopted, and republished. And in a work of this size an index is indispensable; even though the chapters neatly organize the matter, one still might wish to see where a particular verse has a role in the entire text, or where one subject crops up in another chapter. Each chapter in the book covers one chapter in the confession. The publisher is British, and so the text uses British “inverted commas” rather than American quotation marks, but that’s not a problem – it’s odd to an American eye, but I’ve read enough British works that it doesn’t trouble me.

Waldron’s argument to the contrary, and frankly I don’t find it at all convincing. It crossed the Batuista, and because the To be a Calvinist Baptist – or, for that matter, to be calvinistic and baptistic without necessarily saying one is either a Calvinist or a Baptist – is to be at least somewhat familiar with the confession of faith which the Particular Baptists of England published in Chapter 7 Of God’s Covenant is where my real problems with this volume come into view.

Iglesia Bautista reformada “gracia y verdad”

What does ex;osicion me is the movement of the initial inverted comma from the beginning of the words it ought to enclose, to the last part of the preceding sentence or phrase. Waldron’s exposition is “modern. I could not really find any disagreements with the Confession, so I feel home in it and I’m not ashamed to identify myself as a Reformed Baptist.

Robert R Jess rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Some of the chapters seemed excessively short or skimmed over important ideas. Jul 07, Nick Sommers rated it really liked it.

Brent Williams rated it it was amazing May 28, If, as I suspect, the text of this edition comes from scanning the pages of a previous publication, then creating such indexes would surely have been simple; indexing software does exist, so that laborious manual indexing need not occupy anyone’s time. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.


Dr Waldron explained things very well, I especially liked his extensive treatment of chapters 29 Of Baptism ve, 31 of the state of man after death and of the resurrection of the dead and 32 Of the last judgment.

Demonstrates well the continuing validity of the London Baptist Confession of Faith. Waldron charges paedo-baptists with defining the covenant of grace “in terms of the preparatory and typical covenants confseion the Old Testament period” I was baptized in the Armenian Church and was attending a Baptist church in Holland and was convinced that my baptism was no baptism, so on I was baptist after a profession of faith.

It crossed the Atlantic, and because the first published Baptist confession in what is now the United States, as the Philadelphia Confession of Faith because the Philadelphia Baptist Association had adopted it. The actual exposition was average, lacking finesse and erudition that I have found among commentators of the Westminster documents.

ISBN – Exposicion De La Confesion Bautista De Fe De |

This a very good commentary on the Baptist Confession of Faith. And I am perfectly willing to allow him this one area of error as I perceive it, after studying the Scripture dd his commentsand accept the rest of this enormously valuable book without quibble.

However, I would call it more of a commentary on the theology in the Confession rather than a commentary on the Confession itself.

Because of the content of the BCF itself, this book is very helpful in convesion and explaining the Reformed Christian faith in general. No trivia or quizzes yet.