Esoteric teachers — The constitution of man — The planetary chain — The world periods — Devachan — Kama Loca — The human tide-wave. Mr Sinnett’s book misnamed ‘Esoteric Buddhism,” while there is not a single village indifference whether the esoteric Hindoo or Buddhist religion is nearest to. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine.

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Sinnett was an English author and Theosophist. Views Read Edit View history. In the fifth chapter of his book, Sinnett explains the fate of man after death. Leadbeater paid a tribute to Sinnett as follows:. I wrote an blog post related to a quote in this book here: Through the mediation of Blavatsky [note 2] Sinnett began a correspondence in with the two adepts, who sponsored the Theosophical Society, the mahatmas Kuthumi and Morya.

Thus there are seven ‘chains’ in a ‘planetary system’, also called an ‘enterprise of evolution’; and finally, our solar system is budchism of ten ‘planetary systems’ In preface to the original edition author says that exoteric Buddhism “has remained in closer esoetric with the esoteric doctrine” than any other world religion.

Mrs G T Devaney rated it really liked it Dec 01, Sir William Crookes and Mr Sinnett were old friends and had many interests in common. Tink rated it it was amazing Aug 21, The main help came from the mahatmas through Blavatsky in the form of answers to the questions referred to her by the author.

True, it told an astounding story — a story to the ordinary man of the world all but incredible, though strangely attractive; but it told it in the most straightforward and transparently truthful manner, so that to many of us in spite of its overwhelming novelty it carried conviction upon its very face. This page was last edited on 8 Septemberat Nor was his progress to adeptship traced by the literal occurrence of the supernatural struggles depicted in symbolic legend.


It was at Simla that the events took place which eventually led to the letters published in The Mahatma Letters to A.

He appeared as Shankarathe well-known Vedantic philosopher. Elisa Pesta rated it really liked it Jul 02, Thus it may incidentally be observed, what is called rapportis, in plain fact, an identity of molecular vibration between the astral part buddhsim the incarnate medium and the astral part of the disincarnate personality. Olcott, bore the brunt of the opposition which was inevitable when Sinntet was first expounded in the nineteenth century. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Lavoie noted that in Sinnett’s book there are the two major questions — “the structure of the universe and spiritual evolution. Thus, specification of the “inner knowledge” addressed to modern readers will be connected with the familiar features of the Buddhist teaching. ainnett

Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett

Olcott and Madame H. It is the belief in God and gods that makes two-thirds of humanity the slaves of a handful of those who deceive them under the false pretence of saving them.

They were greatly encouraged by this letter, and a brisk correspondence ensued, culminating in December that year in a visit by the Founders to Mr and Mrs Sinnett at their house in Allahabad. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Sep 12, Hume, on the other hand, soon lost interest in Theosophy, but became inspired to work for India and sponsor the Indian National Congress.

He became interested in the philosophy being expounded by Col. Cloud rated it really liked it May 08, That influence aimed at a twofold result: Sinnett writes in a very captivating way, and he provides us This is definitely one of the best books siinnett esoteric philosophy I’ve read. Then followed some years as sub-editor and lead-writer on various London papers, before he went to China in to be editor of the Hong Kong Daily Press.

Esoteric Buddhism (book) – Wikipedia

Marina rated it it was amazing Nov 25, A word or two [globe, earth] added to make buddjism apply as well to a whole manwantaric chain buddgism worlds. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It has always been a point of wonder to me why the author should have chosen this particular title for his treatise. We are presently in the fifth ‘race’ of our ‘world period’, and in the fourth ’round’ of the ‘chain’ of which the earth forms part and in which it occupies the fourth rank.


Refresh and try again. Explicit use of et al. Leadbeater writes about the effect these two books had: BySinnett is listed as an author. This is definitely one of the best books on esoteric philosophy I’ve read.

Marina rated it really liked it Feb 17, The letters he received were eventually published as The Mahatma Letters to A. It is interesting to note that sninett one of the two Englishmen, who had the privilege of instruction from the Masters in the early days, A. Anyone with any kind of psychic gift was sure of a cordial welcome from him. His son Percy is also listed as an author and born in India. This volume demonstrates the ability of Mr Sinnett to arrange the fragmentary teachings given to him into a synthetic doctrine.

Esoteric Buddhism

Retrieved from buedhism https: Sinnett argues that esoteric teaching “be most conveniently studied in its Buddhist aspect. Esoteric Buddhism is a book originally published in in London; it was compiled by a member of the Theosophical SocietyA. He is listed in the England Census at age 31, as a Journalist, born in Middlesex. I also like how Sinnett isn’t shy from saying how he thinks many other ideas are simply wrong!

To the end of his days, occult phenomena and psychism of every kind had for Mr Sinnett a great attraction. Thanks for telling us about the problem.