Cruise to Mooloolaba – Renaissance (Schionning designed Waterline ) Schionning Waterline Boats For Sale. Keith DeLong Eric Owsley. Schionning who has penned some of the most elegant boats I’ve seen – and raced against with its builder, Eric Bruneel, and going through this monster, was. If Jef Schionning was an European it would be designing catamarans for the main production shipyards but it is an Australian, away from the.

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who we are

I receive plenty informations from schionning but I need to know the real budget of such a construction. Mine is the second Arrow being built there. When my builder gets to routing these sections we will simply stop the computer cutting and fashion edic small area by hand afterward. The reason was they were struck by lightning and it completely destroyed their battery banks and their engines.

That really hit me! I had this option on my catamaran I owned years ago and I really liked it. With them, you can literally spin around your axis.

When we decided to build the Arrow the was the only available design. My family an I have the intention to buy or build a catamaran for one year of blue water cruising.

the project

Using Eames moulded armchairs on a custom pedestal facing inward and slightly overlapping the gunwale. We love the erid and trailerability of this boat but we also would love to see more of the world and find the trimaran not suitable for this. First I thought of building it all by myself, with the help schkonning my two adult sons and friends. They sell not only the design but a completely pre-cut kit including furniture and all.


Then simply lift the engine out. The Schionning designs moved on and became better and better. Notify me of new posts by email.

Outboard advantages are many: I too fell in love with Schionning designs the moment I saw them. Newer Post Older Post Home. I read you blog with great interest. Payload — good question. While steering we can fold it away and close it again when scihonning.

Schionning Design launches G-Force ‘ZERO’ | Catamaran Racing, News & Design

My builder is also competent in building a carbon mast which I have chosen to use. We also planned a comfortable deck layout to suite short handed tiller setup. I would suggest instead doing two HP Yamaha outboards, placed in engine wells on the forward starboard and port parts of the cockpit. Also a connecting cross bar between tillers running aft of the main sheet for steering anywhere schiinning the stern.

There is no below the water throughhull to worry about leaking or breaking open. PDQ made their 36 ft catamaran this way for almost 20 years without a single safety incident.

TOM Actually no drawings. TOM No pictures yet hulls only just starting Basically as in computer generated renderings from Schionning but extending the floor area at the helming position about erix forward and adding a short curved lip extending over the top transom step.

Likewise if you loose one of your catamaran engines, you can drop your dingy engine in. But with my job, little Schioninng and baby Jamie this seemed a little to much.


Interesting Sailboats: SCHIONNING CATS – THE ARROW

This cat looks amazingly good for a 12 m Catamaran and that is incredible since it was designed taking into account the easiest way of building a boat, dispensing all the curved surfaces and being all made with flat panels. I would have preferred the bunks in the bridgedeck but with the that was not possible, so today my choice would have been the I intend to self-build, and the Arrow design seems like the perfect fit for my resources, abilities, and budget.

I am still going for tillers. Julia and Chris on a classic dutch sailing yacht. Let us introduce ourselves. Now that I see the dimensions of the cat I am more than convinced that this is a great boat! We literally had to call it in from a phone booth with chickens running underneath our feet. The ship weighs lightship. Twelve meters is by no means small! Julia and Chris met on a class 40 ocean racer in the middle of the North Sea, sailing a race from Heligoland a tiny island off the German coast to Edinburgh.

When we went cruising to the Bahamas,on an island in the middle of no where, and had an old outboard an evinrude break down.

Can you give us an update on the labor hours you think will needed to complete the project.