Erfolg für die IG Metall-Mitglieder in den Textilen Dienstleistungen: Für sie haben sich die Gewerkschaft und Arbeitgeberverband auf einen neuen Tarifvertrag. -elektro/eingruppierung/era-by/era-eingruppierung-bayern Major industries have a “Manteltarifvertrag” which specifies the rules. 8. Juni Abweichungen vom. Tarifvertrag? 4. Arten von Tarifverträgen. II. Details ERA Metall+Elektro nach IG Metall. TARIFVERTRAG.

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Would an employer who is bound by to the industrial agreement be allowed to offer me a lower wage than that applicable to my formal qualification? Weitere Inhalte Mobiles Arbeiten: Employees are placed tarifvertrab a specific Entgeltgruppe according to their qualifications for this profession and years of experience.

Ergebnisse der Tarifrunde 2018

Say if you could do the job with a Bachelors bayeen, you wouldn’t get more money if you have a PhD. Beides steht in enger Verbindung.

Januar geltenden neuen Regelungen kennen diese Quoten. Einzelvertraglich kann mit bis zu 13 bzw. How to evaluate a job Started by jeba24 May Would an employer who is bound by the industrial agreement be allowed to offer me a lower wage than that applicable to my formal qualification Facharzt and MD or will I find myself priced out of the market and a victim of minimum wage even before it is introduced?


The Betriebsrat tarifveftrag to verify this so they also have a copy.

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Don’t know if it is “allowed” but it certainly happened to me – a case of them exploiting my ignorance of the way things work in Germany and my inability to defend myself adequately once I found out. In der Metall- und Elektroindustrie gilt eine tarifliche Wochenarbeitszeit von 35 Stunden “West” bzw. Does anybody know the criteria for e. Does a specialisation in a medical field count if the job description asks for a technical or biological or medical background.

Started by jeba24 May I am starting to seriously doubt you are a Facharzt medical specialist or an MD at all. Je nach Fall gibt es dabei unterschiedliche weitere Voraussetzungen, was z.

How to evaluate a job

For example, there is a list here: Statt des Volumenmodells kann auch das sog. Experience in other branches of work are not usually taken into account.

As I understand it, you don’t get extra cash for being ea. Major industries have a “Manteltarifvertrag” which specifies the rules and regulations of employment and pay in this area of work. Working time regulations reloaded. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


Alle Optionen setzen aber voraus, dass das entfallende Volumen entsprechend ausgeglichen werden kann. In fact, I don’t even think you are real. Go To Topic Listing Business. Ergebnisse der Tarifrunde Daneben besteht ab 1.

The Human Resource Department needs a copy so that they can group the employees. Tarifrunden Ergebnisse Ergebnisse Ergebnisse Tarifrundenchronik. Sign In Sign Up. Register a new account.

I would suggest you make an appointment with somebody from HR or your Betriebsrat and ask them to explain why you have been put in your Gehaltsgruppe. The question is what is by definition another branch of work?