purposes; its challenges and contribution of enset production for sustainable livelihood According to Stanely (), the cultivation of Enset in Ethiopia was . However, the spatial distribution of Enset production and its yield are not . Enset plant yield and assessing kocho production in Ethiopia. Annual national food production in Ethiopia for the years Table 3. Hectarage and production of Enset products in the Southern Ethhiopia Peoples.

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The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension.

Ensete ventricosum – Wikipedia

Comparative nutrient compositions of enset varieties Bulla and corm. Matured enset at flowering stage showing all the botanical ptoduction of the crop. Tadessa Daba 1Masayoshi Shigeta 2.

In order to precisely evaluate the nutrient qualities of the botanical parts of enset, the samples ought to have been taken from the same plant. However, the corms of the kocho type varieties are also etgiopia in most cases.

On the contrary, Steinkraus [40 ] and Gashe [41 ] reported that enset contains high lysine and low methionine. Cheesman clones at Areka condition,” J.

Up to suckers emerge from one corm mother and they are separated from the corm and planted individually after maximum of 2 years.

The Cataenococcus enset feeds on the roots and corm of the enset plant dthiopia leads to slower growth and easier uprooting.

The bulla, corm samples, and various ethioia were obtained mainly from Areka Agricultural Research Center AARCwhich is the center of excellence for research on enset nationally. The sampled enset varieties in this study from AARC were of the high performing clones. Its synonyms include Musa arnoldiana De Wild. A large number of enset plants around houses provide comfort, shading for people and some crops such as coffee which need only moderate sunshine [ 6 ].

In general, the pulp of the pseudostem, the young shoots, and the corm are eaten. Only phenylalanine, histidine, and threonine daily requirements are prodution from corm Neqaqa while none is fulfilled from bulla. African Crop Science Journal. The ethippia shortcoming of this crop is it being poor in nutrient composition particularly protein and minerals.


Results and Discussions References.

1. Introduction

David Robert The above-mentioned aspects show that, enset systems are related to gender in many ways from their management and tasks repartition in the household to varieties classification. It was suggested in Westphal [8 ] that the high land of Kefa, which is the humid corner of southwest Ethiopia, is the natural center of distribution of enset.

Gender roles in enset cultivation are of high importance, [35] as a strong division of work exists: According to AARC, some enset productino like Gena, Merza, Kucha, and Silkente are preferred for their processed starch, kocho quality on productivity. Many scientists of different disciplines have developed theories that assume enset domestication in Ethiopia to 10, years ago [ 3 ]. Proximate and mineral comparisons of enset with potato and teff on DM basis.

Cheesman Ensete rubronervatum De Wild. These problems can be solved by either watering the field when drought is present or by draining the soil to avoid too much water.

This contributes to the high number of varieties. Bruce also discussed the plant’s place in the mythology of Egypt and pointed out that some Egyptian statue carvings depict the goddess Isis sitting among the leaves of what was thought to be a banana plant, a plant native to Southeast Asia and not known in Ancient Egypt.

Cheesman Ensete proboscideum Oliv. Collectively, the severe problems facing enset cultivation are diseases. Sandford, Enset in North Omo Region. Todorov, Cereals, pulses and oil seeds, F. Cheesman Ensete ulugurense Warb. However, the corm was found to contain better nutrients except potassium, in which bulla is better as shown in Table 1.

However, teff is the best followed by potato Table 4. In Jima area, it is used during the rainy season when cereals are scanty otherwise, it is not so important like maize [ 8 ]. However, g of bulla and corm contain and kcal, respectively Table 3. As a result, this increases water availability and discharge to springs and decreasing the effective dry season length [ 3 ].


This basically means that a great many people who used to close the food gap with false banana consumption are not able to do so any more, and lacking a viable alternative, have become food insecure and highly vulnerable to climatic and economic disruptions of their agricultural system. Haile Selassie I University,p.

The corm of Ariko is boiled and fed when a person catches flu. The plant stores carbohydrate in its pseudostem during the vegetative stage in the leaf sheaths and the corm, which is used up at the flowering and fruiting stages, hence harvesting has to be ahead of flowering [ 6 ]. Biogeographers and agronomists have considered the center of origin for enset agriculture to be the Ethiopian highlands [ 12 ].

Enset Ensete ventricosum leaves. This shows that foods from enset should necessarily be supplemented with protein rich foods as recommended also by many others.

There are several enset varieties or clones mainly produced for their starch from the pseudostem while some are exclusively cultivated for their corm. Inthe celebrated Scottish traveller James Bruce first sent a description and ethhiopia accurate drawings of a plant common in the marshes around Gondar in Abyssinia, confidently pronounced it to be “no species of Musa” and wrote that its local name was “ensete”.

The social aspects, agronomic, and pertinent issues eyhiopia to enset were studied. Tesfaye, The tree against hunger enset-based agricultural systems in Ethiopia. The corm has better ejset of other nutrients though Bulla has higher carbohydrate. Unless the nutritional conditions are improved, basing solely on enset leads to protein deficiencies that entails poor growth and weakened immune systems. As fractions of DM, the crude protein contents are 0. In some cases, such situations lead farmers to replace enset farming with annual crops abandoning their land.