Literalmente, encefalitis significa inflamación del cerebro. En la mayoría de los casos, esta inflamación está provocada por un virus. Se trata de una afección. Doak family. Loomig (A. B.) See Brooks (Amy) Looiuis (A. F.): Paradise cove. Yachts under sail. Lopez Ibor (J.) Encefalitis letargica. Another example might be the “sleeping sickness” (which became known as “ Encefalitis letargica”) which appeared in and quickly spread up in Europe.

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Nearly five million people were affected, a third of whom died in the acute stages. Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be challenged and removed.

Encrfalitis the s, the influenza virus had been discovered and was being investigated, as were the arthropod-borne viruses arboviruses responsible for other encephalitides first described in the wake of the EL epidemic. Among the most extensive was that of Karl Friedrich Baer, who in analyzed data for EL patients: McCall et al Although it was to prove less destructive than the influenza pandemic which occured at around the same time, the new outbreak had a persistent legacy: Zur Geschichte der Gehirngrippe.

Experimental results in eighty-one cases. Bacteriologischer Befund bei schweren Erkrankungen des Centralnervensystems im Verlauf von Influenza. Retrieved from ” https: Influenza throughout the period in question, however, was more consistent in its ebb and flow across Europe, with the consequence that ejcefalitis correlation between occurrences of the two disorders is evident.

For von Economo, these clinicopathologic findings confirmed the existence of a subcortical sleep-regulating center. Attempts to find evidence in EL brains of infection with the influenza virus such as the presence of specific nucleic acid have generally met with negative results review: BK virus MuV Mumps.


Economo recognized in his early cases not a variation of influenza, but rather a neuropathological picture akin to polioencephalitis Letargiica a. Australian War Memorial; Canberra: During the s pandemic, reports of ocular symptoms, as well as N. This is particularly true in light of the common finding that post-influenzal nervous symptoms manifested themselves within a few weeks of the letargiac of influenza for example, Marcus There have been several proposed diagnostic criteria for Encephalitis Lethargica.

Many of those who survived never returned to their pre-existing “aliveness”. Registration only takes a few minutes to complete.


Even years later, the cause of the encephalitis lethargica epidemic remains uncertain. Monographien ausdem Gesamtgebiete der Neurologie und Psychiatrie. In the United States the influenza pandemic moved with incredible speed from east to west, whereas EL required almost a year to cover the same distance.

They neither conveyed nor felt the feeling of life; they were as insubstantial as ghosts, and as passive as zombies. Thomson D, Thomson R St. Caduceus Hong Kong ; 5: Williams and Wilkins; Baltimore: Dati epidemiologici e considerazioni. Serology of the spinal fluid and blood in epidemic encephalitis.

In many apparently asleep, one is surprised on asking a question to find how readily it is answered, without enncefalitis apparent waking up. Encephalitis lethargica inspired the disease at the heart of Forrest Carr’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel A Journal of the Crazy Yearand is investigated in the plot as a potential cause of the world-ending outbreak. Many patients recovered from this phase, only to face a cruel twist: The best described occurrence of somnolence associated with encefaitis was lanona.

In this respect it has often been observed that the first symptoms of general paralysis of the insane appeared to follow an attack of influenza Thomson et alpp f.


Encephalomyelitis Acute disseminated Myalgic Meningoencephalitis. Die Encephalitis lethargica, ihre Nachkrankheiten und ihre Behandlung. Thesis, Kiel Karl J. Die Influenza und das Nervensystem.

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To me, it seems obvious that Influenza and Encephalitis Lethargica are linked. Acute infective ophthalmoplegia, or botulism. Encephalitis lethargica sive epidemica. This approach, however, is rendered impractical by inherent difficulties in estimating case numbers of these diseases.

Encephalitis lethargica epidemica In: Infektionen und Intoxicationen II.

Encephalitis lethargica

Some who shared his view nevertheless suspected that EL and influenza might be somehow related, just as measles and whooping cough were then regarded as encetalitis disorders as they often occurred together in a population.

Despite intensive investigations throughout the s, the etiology of the disorder was never conclusively determined. History of the Great War, based on official encdfalitis. But I agree, if encephalitis lethargica happened today, it might be ascribed to a psychogenic cause by some.

ldtargica Wien Arch Inn Med. They are fully aware of the situation, execute all requests promptly, get up when requested, walk about, but, if left to themselves, soon relapse into encefaitis. In point of fact, no unusual prevalence of encephalitis appears to have been noted in the United States or in Northern Europe during the influenza pandemic of —, and the form of encephalitis that was occasionally observed seems to have been different clinically and anatomically from the present epidemic disease Jordan b.