EMAKO BLUE is a strong second novel for Brenda Woods and a worthy follow-up to her award-winning debut, THE RED ROSE BOX. Emako is. The Paperback of the Emako Blue by Brenda Woods at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Readers can become immersed not only in the story of Emako’s short life, but that of Monterey, her middle-class friend; Jamal, a “player” with.

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Was very sad but kept you hooked. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Emako Blue shows morals and principles in a way that anyone could understand. Emako Blue was talented, she had a job and she was successful at everything she did, as for her family however, you wouldnt be able to say the same. With over a quarter billion Americans, why do we need every idiot and his brother owning a firearm or two or three?

Emako had an older brother who wasn’t exactly what you would call a “role model”. Oct 05, Kylee. I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense. Emako is a girl who is very smart and did not deserve to die.

Emako Blue by Brenda Woods Brenda Woods has had some wonder novels that she has written in the past, but I got to say that Emako Blue was the best out of all of them. She was a best friend to Monterey who was budding a relationship with Eddie with whom Emako shared the burden of having an older brother in prison. Although emak covers some mature topics, the book was This book pictures a young girl named Emako Blue, in which the author, Brenda Woods, writes about events that lead up to Emako’s death through the eyes of her and her friends.

As she went outside to get the phone back from her brother a car drove by and the bullet rmako for her brother took Emako’s life instead.

She was Savannah’s rival, the one who wouldn’t play by the rules. Eddie and Emako are keenly aware of how difficult that can be; both live in South Central L. She had an amazing voice and was probaly the best singer in the chorus because she had a sweet voice. So, that the reader gets to know the perspectives of the main characters of the story. Emako Blue is about a girl named Emako Blue who had hopes and dreams of becoming a singer. This book made me feel that maybe this could actually happen and it probably already has happened before.


Their names are Emako,Monterey,Eddie,and Jamal. The story changes between each character telling their side of the story in first person. She was the best singer anyone had ever heard, with a voice like vanilla incense, smoky and sweet.

The story was very rushed i think. Eddie–one of several characters with an older sibling behind bars–is desperately clawing his way through high school in hopes of fleeing to a college Anywhere Else in order to escape the fate that awaits so many young brothers who remain behind.

View all 3 comments. Eddie wants to go to college and become very educated.

Emako Blue

Savannah is the miserable rich girl, creating drama in hopes of gaining the attention she’s denied at home. Everyone has to have a dream, but whats the point of a dream, if there arent any obtacles?

Oct 24, Sasha Gordon rated it it was amazing. Please provide an blie address. To ask other readers questions about Emako Blueplease sign up. Preview — Emako Blue by Brenda Woods. Jamal, and Savannah wants to finish high school and move on Brenda Woods did a emamo work on the novel Emako Blue. Bue brother has been a trouble maker, Quick Pick This is a story about a talented up and coming singer named Emako Blue.

That the assault rifle ban will expire next week is an atrocity.

Each character is well drawn and believable, especially Emako. In the process you get extra and greater knowledge of the main topic.

And there’s Jamal, whose modest attempts to portray himself as a player cannot disguise hlue fact that he proves to be thoroughly sweet inside. Sep 19, Ace rated it it was amazing.


Brenda Woods did a mighty work on the novel Emako Blue. Emako had other problems at home like gang activity around her neighborhood which she got shot by and died at bue years old and she had finicial problems at home.

She lived in South Central Los Angeles, the bad side.

EMAKO BLUE by Brenda Woods | Kirkus Reviews

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Even though you don’t need any advance reading skills to read this book it didn’t feel basic it all since it was so entertaining. Then i would recommend this book to young women who are growing up and trying to make it in life. The best part was I think is that Emako herself never had her own voice in the story which makes her seem like a legend.

Books by Brenda Woods. The only one who seemed not like her was Savannah, green with envy and in belief that she had stolen Jamal from her best friend, but besides her they all adored Emako.

Life lessons are told in this story, same as stories that were suppose to be Emako Blue is a book that shows different views of different characters through chapters. They miss him and end up killing Emako. I think everyone has their own way to tell a story and this book does an excellent job in doing so.

I feel like a terrorized hostage to the wackos of America who worship their right to bear arms, and am cynical enough to believe that plenty of them derive pleasure from watching poor people filled with despair taking each other out on that daily basis. This short, succinct, and emakko story of friendship, family, and overwhelming sadness will leave some readers in tears.